Non-financial other services sector - testimonials

Below are 12 testimonials we've received from training courses for companies in the Non-financial other services sector in the last 3 years.

"Perfect, real-world applicable, friendly, well paced ... perfect. Course was recommended."

Marc Vautheny

Business Growth Hub

"Way beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend to others. Fab website, great You-Tube videos - I knew the course would be excellent."

Melanie Mackay

Self Funded

"Large amount of useful content."

Morgan Howard

SCC DS (incl M2 Digital)

"Great trainer, was able to follow everything he explained. He answered all questions for everyone to follow. "

Leila Abidi

Win Technologies

"The trainer was fantastic - very engaging and informative. Excellent training - thank you."

Victoria Elliott

Bloom Services

"Great trainer very friendly, very patient, doesn't go too fast."

Ben Ashley

Self Funded

"Engaging course & exercises are a good way to learn; course manual very well written and supportive. Impressively made graphs and coding interesting. "

Matt Saunders

Bloom Services

"Excellent course."

Amabel Grant

Bloom Services

"Really excellent course, one of the best I've attended. Content just enough to absorb. Class size very good. Excellent tutor. (I have a colleague who attended this course. I will most definitely pass on/recommend this course.)"

Philip Lloyd

Self Funded

"Good, relaxed learning environment. Helpful & friendly teaching, good variety of topics covered, very easy to ask questions and get clarification if needed."

Jack Huntington

The Keyholding Company

"The trainer, was extremely knowledgeable and made the course fun and enjoyable whilst still learning. The course material will make great reference material."

Ngaa Mushiri

Self Funded

"Manuals are great and instructor very helpful."

Stephen Heppelstone

Self Funded

Wise Owl would like to thank those listed above for kindly agreeing to be quoted.

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