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222 attributed reviews for our online training courses

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"It was absolutely brilliant. Our trainer was extremely engaging throughout the whole course even though no one else had their cameras on! The content of the course offers a range of SQL skills applicable to a variety of situations - I can't wait to start using them! I can't stress how brilliantly the course was run; insightful and concise course notes in combination with excellent teaching, made for a very rewarding experience."

Dara Hughes

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust

"Really enjoyed the SQL course and it worked well online."

Sarah Penn

Sellafield Ltd

"The trainer was really thorough and explained the various topics well. He was also very friendly and approachable which made it very easy to ask questions. I look forward to completing future Wise Owl courses."

Natalie Sheard

Alzheimers Research UK

"It was an excellent training session! We were not hindered at all by it being online rather than in person. I loved that it was a small group so it was easy to ask questions and learn more. The trainer was brilliant; he went at a good pace, was very patient if we weren't quite grasping a topic and provided much entertainment!"

Sarah Tomlinson

Manchester Metropolitan University

"I have no previous Power BI experience to speak of but the course has given me much to consider. Copies of the course material and our individual works will be very useful reference points for the future, when I undoubtedly hit a brick wall! The trainer was extremely knowledgeable on Power BI, Power Pivots, DAX language and pretty much anything that we cared to throw his way - he's a very effective trainer, putting across a complex topic in a structured and cohesive manner. I believe that the online experience worked well. I'd certainly recommend this course, and Wise Owl to others. Also of particular attraction was that all 6 trainees were from Volac and there was plenty of opportunity to delve into areas of particular interest - though we did ultimately follow the course as originally presented."

Tim Whittal-Williams

Volac International Ltd

"Very professional starting from the pre-course communication and pre-course materials received, to the course itself. The trainer was brilliant, nothing was too drawn out or overexplained but just enough to ensure it was understood, very methodical and professional. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it and wouldn't hesitate to book on the next level course."

Trish Smee

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)

"Our trainer was spot on - couldn't have asked for anything more - he was earlier than everyone else - stayed later and was really supportive to help us get through... Many training sessions I've been to in the past, in other businesses I have worked for; people want to knock off and go home, he was nothing like that.. and just all round top, top trainer. The training was for work purposes, which I was nervous about learning a new system, however, I really enjoyed it and I think that our trainer really helped that."

James Hall

Macquarie Energy Leasing

"We had a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer, he went into a good amount of detail and tailored the content to fit our group well."

Rosalind Futcher

Moneybarn Limited

"As always, an excellent service by Wise Owl from the testing of connection for remote access, quality of supporting material and the course itself."

Paul Atterbury

Marley Ltd

"I really enjoyed the course and it will have a significant impact for my service. The course was really well paced so that everyone could keep up regardless of their experience. I find that Wise Owl have a really brilliant ethos. They treat you as an individual and try to understand the training need rather than just throwing out a generic course. They are always happy to adjust their approach to suit the need unlike other maybe larger providers. This makes the training more effective and impactful. It is also much better value for money!"

Tom Dowler

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

"I have nothing but praise for our trainer, the course content and the way it was delivered. He had full control of everything from the start. We weren't allowed to fall behind, which for someone like me who doesn't have the best concentration skills, is a very good thing. The content was interesting and easy to follow. I was comfortable asking questions at any point. "

Claire Fallows

HMI Probation

"Our trainer was great, really knowledgeable and patient; couldn't fault him. Really enjoyed the course overall. Thanks. Wise Owl comes recommended through the company I work for, I'll certainly recommend you now."

Phil Hunter

FIS Global (WorldPay)

"I found the course very informative, really useful and overall excellent. I was looking for a course that covered the areas that I need to create charts etc and this was the best one for my ability at the moment. Once I get more confident using PBI I will be looking at the other courses."

Shirley Grayson

Salvation Army Housing Association

"Excellent course well presented. Gave a concise understanding of what DAX can and can't do and how to make sense of previously unexpected outcomes from formulas. Training recommended by a colleague."

Jamie Rowley-Clarke

Cross Keys Homes

"Our trainer was a great host, with the ability to convey the information in a clear and concise manner. The day was filled with information but kept a good pace that enabled us to get through the course with enough time to take breath and ask questions where needed."

Anthony Gray

Homes England

"The course was fantastic from start to finish, really well designed, and our trainer gave plenty of helpful 'real world' hints and tips that you just wouldn't get from a textbook. The course administration was fabulous too, communication was timely and materials were posted well in advance. A few of my colleagues have attended the course before me and recommended it."

Helen Mann

NIHR Academy

"Really great course, expert trainer and great resources. I chose the course based on recommendations and my previous experience of both the supplier and trainer – would highly recommend."

Bowie Penney

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

"Our trainer was really great at bringing this course to life. He had a lot of content to go through but was always willing to stop and take questions."

Mark Whitehurst

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The virtual course worked well and was well organised. The instructor was able to see our screens and help if we were getting stuck so no one fell behind. The manual arrived in the post in good time. I think the practicality of the course will help me remember what I have been taught."

Carole Tomlinson

Cheshire East Council

"The trainer's approach made me feel very comfortable and I gained confidence quickly in my abilities as I progressed through the course. Lots of practical exercises to reinforce what I thought I knew, and yet still lots of time to go out on tangents when necessary, Fantastic. Wish I could do it again! Very excited to apply what I've learned. I wanted a training provider that offered more of a personal touch really. Everyone learns differently and I didn't like the idea of attending a seminar style course. This was anything but that, very personal, focused and enjoyable. Thank you."

Puc Covelli

Integrate Media Limited

We would like to sincerely thank the above clients for kindly agreeing to let us share their feedback.