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30 years in business
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33 attributed reviews for the MANUFACTURING/ENGINEERING sector

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"Really good course. The trainer was brilliant! Really engaging and clear on instructions. Clearly very skilled and adapted course to suit our need & questions - changing course structure and examples as we went to suit us - really well done! Specific VBA advanced course ie not advanced excel in VBA."

Jonathan Nolan

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The course was well presented with good theory, practical and understanding times allocated. Good to refresh my memory on using the Name Ranges and understanding Pivot Tables. This was a good choice and course for me. Thank you."

Lee Lopes

Interfood Technology Ltd

"The course was great! I've learned a lot in a few days, there's still a long way to go but I've now got a strong foundation. A great teacher, competent and helpful. I'm glad I've the manual too because it is very well written. Thanks again!"

Christian Radici

Nexperia UK Ltd

"A very good trainer, who made sure everyone was working correctly and went at the correct pace. Thanks for a great 2 day course, really enjoyed it and learnt lots. Choose because its local to our business."

Karen Turner

Whitecroft Lighting Ltd.

"Great course pace. Very knowledgeable trainer. Content was customised to what we wanted to learn which was excellent."

Jon Smith

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Learnt a lot of time saving tips and tricks. Was very happy with the training."

Jamie Fidler

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"The delivery of this course was great. The interaction with the trainer was good and the ability for him to assist when I became lost, ensured that my focus on the topics was maintained. Looking forward to the next course."

Nikki Cutler

Neutrik (UK) Ltd

"Absolutely brilliant and engaging trainer. Really knows his stuff and was able to address any issues during the course immediately every time."

Alex Chu


"Great content. Great trainer. Thoroughly enjoyed how trainer engaged with us. Exercises helped cement course knowledge."

Hazem Hawwash

RPC Group plc

"Our trainer was friendly and a great trainer. Would highly recommend this training."

Daisy Holdaway

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Content was delivered at a good pace, it was also well adapted for our potential future use cases and it was very enjoyable training. The online experience was much better than I anticipated, good use of the remote desktop system."

Andy Berry

Nexperia UK Ltd

"Our trainer was really great at bringing this course to life. He had a lot of content to go through but was always willing to stop and take questions."

Mark Whitehurst

Thermo Fisher Scientific

"We had a fantastic trainer, really knew her content and was an expert in Excel. As someone who is self taught in Excel having someone so knowledgeable, showing us the correct way to do things was fantastic."

John David

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"The course was excellent. One would expect a company offering such courses would have capable, competent and knowledgeable tutors leading the class. Our trainer met that bar easily, but she was also very engaging, patient and supportive. It’s these personal qualities that made the course stand out amongst others I have attended."

William Halliday

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"The trainer was really helpful and was watching our every move on the remote sessions to make sure we were OK and not lagging behind. Top bloke, really nice, really good experience. Thank you so much! "

Adam Ratcliff

Whitemeadow Furniture Ltd

"Great course, lots of content covered. Very well presented."

Kelly Fletcher

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) / Idex Corp

"Good course that covered my needs with the added benefit of being the only trainee, meant a smooth flow to the course covering everything from Basics to Advanced. Run at my pace of learning which was excellent. "

Owen Mosse

Permastore Ltd

"Very well structured, good mix each day. Very knowledgeable trainer."

Taylor Robinson

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) / Idex Corp

"Good pace to the course, well delivered. Ideal sized groups, keeps the course personal and enable it to move at a good pace. Good feedback from other people in the company that had attended courses.(Intro SQL) Good course content. Like the aspect of lunch out of the building. (Adv SQL) Course well paced, good material with plenty of examples. (Intro PBI)"

Richard Sutcliffe

Cormar Carpets

"Really enjoyed the course, content and delivery were both excellent, would strongly recommend to others."

Daniel Rocco

Nexperia UK Ltd

"Great to work in small groups, and I happened to be even on my own on the second day! Our trainer was completely available and capable of helping with some specific issues I had in my reports. Very useful, a lot to take in but as for my first Power BI course, I am sure I will be able to put a lot in practice in the next few weeks. Thank you! Another really good training experience with Wise Owl: after completing the "Fast track Power BI" course, this course is the necessary step to be able to work with data and get the best out of Power BI."

Elisabetta Zampichelli


"Very fluid, informative; good balance between beginner and complexity. Well paced & easy to follow."

Paul Roberts

SMC Pneumatics

"Excel isn't an easy topic to be delivered. Still our trainer succeeded to deliver it, not just keeping our interest awake but with such a flow and it was so easy to understand. The course was also very up to date with the latest (1 months old) excel updates by Microsoft. I had also found their customer service very friendly and customer focused. It was a pleasure to organise the course with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Marianna Magocsi

Interfood Technology Ltd

"The course was delivered with fantastic energy and intellect by a trainer who was able to engage at all levels and provide meaningful, everyday examples to the material provided. I’d highly recommend this course to sharpen and enhance your skills and knowledge."

Tom Grudgings

Volumatic Ltd

"The course was great and I also wanted to reinforce my positive feedback: only a few days after the course and about one third of the exercises done, I was able to create a set of quite complex reports and I feel totally capable of delivering new analysis and reports in Power BI. Thanks again to our trainer for the great training provided. "

Elisabetta Zampichelli


"Our Tutor, was most knowledgeable about the content of the course. He was also patient and made himself available during breaks and after course hours. He was also willing to go over any topic or interest we had on the subject. All in all - He was brilliant."

Samantha Jones

The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd

"2 days passed quickly as the course involved lots of hands on exercises. Contents were relevant and I would recommend it."

InSun Ahn

Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd

"Our trainer was excellent. Clear in her explanations and always careful to make sure everyone understood the content. Really good course."

Ken Cormack

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"I really enjoyed my training session, with one of the best trainers I have met. She is very knowledgeable and engaging and goes at just the right pace for all that are on the course. I was very dubious as to how it would work remotely but I thought it was excellent!"

Sue Thomas

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Great content. Great trainer; very patient and nothing was too much trouble."

Ryan Lehmann

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) / Idex Corp

"Our trainer was very nice and personable, great teacher and answered questions efficiently. She was also good at identifying the group experience level and tailoring taught content to this level and to what we wanted to learn, when there was time. Good that the most necessary sections were taught and other relevant pages were highlighted for our future reference. Notepad and pen were a nice addition to the course pack."

Vanessa Anucha

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

"Really enjoyed the course. The tutor lead the course at a great pace & helped where I needed additional explanation. Loads of info on the website about the course & provider & also loads of reviews."

Kate Davidson

Blue Machinery (Spares) Ltd

"A very good Excel course. The trainer is clear and thorough. The course material is easy to understand and I have improved my Excel skills."

Saroj Patel

STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

We would like to sincerely thank the above clients for kindly agreeing to let us share their feedback.