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36 attributed reviews for the CONSTRUCTION, PROPERTY AND HOUSING sector

We currently have 36 reviews for our training in the Construction, property and housing sector. Use the filters above to change the listed reviews.

"I was impressed with our trainer - his pace was just right and he was very good at guiding from one concept to another, in a logical way. I really enjoyed this course and can't wait to use my new skills in the real world. I really liked the concept of a Fasttrack course, where lots is covered in a relatively short time."

Magda Zarzycka

Emery Planning

"The course was very interesting and I have learnt a lot, that will benefit me in my current job. The tutor was very professional and knowledgeable and was always keen to help and explain in details if something wasn't understood."

Jekaterina Velikanova

Partners for Improvement in Islington Ltd

"(SQL) Great course to get us up and running. Flexible and knowledgeable trainer. (SSRS & Report Builder) Very comprehensive course covering all aspects of SSRS. The trainer also devised some specific examples to show us the art of the possible. Answering everything we threw at him. Brilliant! "

Andy Webster


"(SQL) Really enjoyed how we were able to interact & discuss various ways and means. (SSRS) Very good content and delivery."

Amanda Harkett


"Excellent course, which I think works really well when run remotely."

Kevin Springall

Marley Ltd

"I thought the online delivery of the course worked really well, didnt really loose anything by not attending in person. Our trainer was also excellent, as always."

Kevin Springall

Marley Ltd

"Excellent course, wouldn't change anything. Previously attended Wise Owl Training & always been impressed."

Sharon Naughton

Trafford Housing Trust

"Really great course, great demonstrations and good that we have stuff to take away."

Avril Roberts

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

"Excellent course learnt a lot of new skills. The hardest part will be putting into practice."

Collette Walmsley

Cobalt Housing

"(SQL) I spent an afternoon trying to work out joins (in my own time but couldn't do it.) 10 mins into joins in the course & I got it. Very good all round, thank you for the training. (SSRS) Again fab!"

Stephen Burton


"The trainer was very helpful in answering any questions and explained everything well and in detail."

Sammi Lee

Kier Highways Ltd

"My trainer was patient, kind, respectful and very understanding about my needs. I was taught a lot in one day. "

Patricia Young

Muse Developments

"Very enjoyable. Trainer knowledgeable and helpful."

Ross Smith

Marley Ltd

"I really enjoyed this course. All of the content was really relevant. We had a really good tutor who is obviously very knowledgeable on this subject. I'm looking forward to using some of my new skills. I liked the look of the Wise Owl website; simple to navigate and plenty of useful information."

Peter Surry

Southern Housing Group

"Social distancing setup was excellent. Rollout of Power BI in our workplace, so a custom consolidated course was a great way to get most of what we needed."

Adrian Dilworth

Torus (Housing Trust)

"As always, an excellent service by Wise Owl from the testing of connection for remote access, quality of supporting material and the course itself."

Paul Atterbury

Marley Ltd

"Very interesting and relevant course. Lots of useful information, now need to practice. Recommendation came from a colleague."

Joanne Hobbs

Cobalt Housing

"Excellent course well presented. Gave a concise understanding of what DAX can and can't do and how to make sense of previously unexpected outcomes from formulas. Training recommended by a colleague."

Jamie Rowley-Clarke

Cross Keys Homes

"(Intro Power BI) The trainer's pace was perfect for course. He understood the level at which candidates were at and paced the course accordingly. (Adv Power BI) Excellent course! A lot to take in but the supporting info is superb."

Leo Skelly

Prima Group

"Really interesting and well paced course. Thank you."

Harriet Smith

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

"Great to get the manuals to take away. Easy to follow and understand."

Becky Owen

Finning (UK) Ltd

"Great course, brilliant interaction, I've learnt a lot! The trainer was great!"

John Dwyer

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

"The trainer was very good and enthusiastic; very knowledgeable."

Chris Carty

Galliford Try Environmental / ESD

"Very informative, well delivered and a great intro. A big thank you to the trainer. I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the area (SSIS) and the course has delivered this."

Gary Ballard

Cross Keys Homes

"The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable and really easy to follow, with a great personality which made training, fun!"

Alex Radford

Marley Ltd

"The course was great, I learnt loads and it was exactly at the right level."

Julie Clements

Liverpool Mutual Homes

"Excellent course! Beginner to user straight in 2 days. Really enjoyed."

Fraser Dear

Marley Ltd

"Really enjoyed the SQL course and it worked well online."

Sarah Penn

Sellafield Ltd

"Found the course very, very useful."

Katie Cawley

Cobalt Housing

"Good introductory course. Enjoyed tips on future application of the basics in more advanced ways."

Richard Mansel

Berkeley Group

"Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to putting it into practice. It worked really well online as well."

Sarah Penn

Sellafield Ltd

"Excellent content and on a personal level, I felt very safe. Having a four month old baby, I am not taking any risks with Covid-19 and the course was the safest I have felt in a long time. We were all very well spaced out, each desk had antibacterial hand gel as well anti bac wipes and even masks and gloves. Also, being vegan, I usually struggle with the snacks provided, however the course provided excellent vegan snacks and even had oat milk available which was excellent. Face to face option made me choose the course."

Joseph Morlino

Torus (Housing Trust)

"Excellent course. Really enjoyed it."

Kevin Springall

Marley Ltd

"Really enjoyed the course; an engaging tutor who really provided a good base of programming knowledge. I never felt confused or lost at any point in the course, everything was explained well and with relevant detail or comparison points to coding languages we were more familiar with. I really liked the manual being sent out alongside the exercises, it will be useful for continuing to practice."

Keely Cooper

Southern Housing Group

"Great sense of hospitality; lunches were excellent, good choice of venue, great booknote. The trainer delivered the course in a very easy to understand way for such an intense course. From colleagues who had attended the same course previously, I'd heard complimentary comments about tutor, material and lunches!"

Rouli Kalodiki

Partners for Improvement in Islington Ltd

"Very interesting & interactive."

Zak Inman

Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

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