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19 attributed reviews for the INSURANCE sector

We currently have 19 reviews for our training in the Insurance sector. Use the filters above to change the listed reviews.

"Great trainer - very clear, easy to understand and set a perfect pace for everyone on the course. Great level of detail and fantastic content - all very useful. The booklet and exercises are super helpful both in the training and after. Lovely venue & perfect lunch choices. Honestly best course I've been on yet!"

Katie Stevenson

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"Excellent - learnt so much. Especially on the 'off-piste' topics such as synoptic visual, that will be really helpful."

Mike Ashton

Global Aerospace

"Excellent, very easy to follow and understand. Interesting and useful content."

Robert Berry

URIS Group/Towergate Insurance

"A great instructor. The class was as good as the jokes were bad ;) and contained a lot of information. It was well organized and the trainer was very good at judging our progress. I appreciated the very personal instruction and the way he handled our questions. Apparently our UK office has been using Wise Owl for quite some time and if this class is any indicator, I can understand why!"

John Butterer

Global Aerospace

"It was really good! A longer course where we covered more stuff and did more exercises would've been great but I can just practice at home. Trainer was knowledgeable and friendly. Will try to come back for something else in future. Other people at work have done Wise Owl courses before and it has a positive reputation from co-workers."

Kit Handscombe

AXA Liabilities Managers

"Use of fun examples makes learning a new task quite entertaining. Good that lunch is included and regular breaks to keep course interesting."

Jessica Amartsombat-Foskett

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"Very impressed with the documentation. The pace was good, activities fun and content was very apt. Lunch choices were great."

Neil Whitten


"Absolutely fantastic course, with a great trainer and the course content was also excellent. Can't believe how much I learnt in 2 days. Would definitely recommend."

Chloe Mayhew

AXA Liabilities Managers

"Very good course - I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The trainer taught the course very well and explained everything clearly. Recommendation came from colleagues."

Hannah Rodger

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"Loved the course, like it being a small group as I found it easy to get help when needed. Colleagues came on a PBI course earlier this year and recommended."

Amanda Wilding

ReAssure UK Services Limited

"Loved the small group size and content. Great trainer & days well planned & spaced out. Recommendation came from a colleague."

Lianne Pierre John

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"We enjoyed the course and liked, how given it was two of us from the same company and team with similar pick up speed, the instructor was able to adapt teaching accordingly. I chose the training because of previous positive experience and the knowledgeable instructors."

Alka Varsani

Liberty Speciality Markets

"Really informative and good use of interaction. Engaging trainer who is clearly very passionate about SQL & always happy to answer questions/explain things further. Recommended by colleagues."

Alex Martin

URIS Group/Towergate Insurance

"The trainer was a really good teacher. She explained everything very clearly, went at my pace and made me feel at ease throughout the two days"

Charlotte Carson

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"We had a great trainer, very patient and excellent at explaining the content of the course. The course venue and equipment provided was of a very high standard, especially the in-depth instruction manual and memory stick (meaning we could take the code we’d wrote home with us). We were also taken out for lunch each day which was a really nice touch. Would highly recommend. "

Claire Leonard

Barbican Insurance / Arch Capital Gp Ltd

"Thought the course was really interesting and can already picture ways I can use this going forward. Other colleagues in the business took the course and recommended."

Bryony Penn

URIS Group/Towergate Insurance

"I really appreciate the personal level of attention that our trainer gave to each participant. He is an excellent trainer. It was a very entertaining course with all the slicing and dicing. Two great days."

Marina Mazour

Global Aerospace

"Great trainer, good location, good content."

Jonathan Fletcher

ReAssure UK Services Limited

"Really well structured course, although a complicated subject the trainer was able to break it down to manageable "chunks" and delivered the course in an easy to understand way."

Sarah Jowers

URIS Group/Towergate Insurance

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