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30 years in business
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30 years in business
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6 attributed reviews for our PYTHON training courses

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"The way the trainer talked through the examples and related them to real world scenarios was excellent. He went above and beyond to help me with an issue that was causing me trouble at work and made sure I had a resolution using the stuff we learned on the course. Can I also add that on all the 3 courses the hospitality was fantastic. The fact that the trainers consult each delegate as to what they would like to do for lunch, makes it feel very inclusive and gives the feeling of being valued."

Paul Maxwell

Innogy Business Services UK Ltd

"The course was great! I've learned a lot in a few days, there's still a long way to go but I've now got a strong foundation. A great teacher, competent and helpful. I'm glad I've the manual too because it is very well written. Thanks again!"

Christian Radici

Nexperia UK Ltd

"Excellent course, knowledgeable and engaging trainer, well paced with a good syllabus."

Edward Tunnah

Findel Education Plc

"Content was delivered at a good pace, it was also well adapted for our potential future use cases and it was very enjoyable training. The online experience was much better than I anticipated, good use of the remote desktop system."

Andy Berry

Nexperia UK Ltd

"Really enjoyed the course, content and delivery were both excellent, would strongly recommend to others."

Daniel Rocco

Nexperia UK Ltd

"The course content was interesting and covered all the key areas I was interested in learning about when signing up for the course. The course moved at a good pace and was well balanced between instructor-lead content and practical examples. The trainer even followed up after the course with further information on some technical questions, allowing me to comfortably and easily start using Python and VS Code. Was a good balance between course length (3 days) and coverage (basic to intermediary topics). I also prefer the fact that it's live and instructor-lead, rather than being a purely audio visual experience (i.e. not a YouTube video). Wise Owl also has a good track record with our company and other delegates on other course and clearly have expertise in the areas their courses cover."

Michael Thurlow

ICE Futures Europe

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