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How to view the SQL query for a series of transforms in Query Editor

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 July 2019

Did you know that you can view the SQL for a query in Power BI's Query Editor? Me neither!

Tags:   Power BI | Query editor

This short blog gives a quick Windows short-cut key to insert emojis into text

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

If you want to spice up your emails or reports, use this Windows shortcut to insert emojis.

Tags:   Musings | General IT

A different owl's take on the five biggest ooh! moment tips in Excel

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

This month it's Shaun's turn to nominate the five best short-cut tips in Excel.

Tags:   Excel | General

Wise Owl will be at the Public Sector Solutions Expo 2019 in the ExCel centre

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

For the first time we will have a stand at the PSS Expo on 25-26th June in London. Come along and say hello!

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

A quick way to copy the path and name of a file in Windows Explorer

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

This short blog highlights a quick way to copy the full path (including the file name) of a file in Windows Explorer.

Tags:   Musings | General IT

Problems with the Application.ScreenUpdating = False command in VBA

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

Some people are experiencing problems when trying to suppress screen updates while macros are running in Excel VBA, under Windows 10. This blog gives one possible solution.

Tags:   VBA macros | General

A short-cut key to bring up the arguments of user-defined functions

Posted by Andy Brown on 17 June 2019

When you discover a new short-cut key, should you share it? This blog shows a way to bring up Intellisense for the arguments to user-defined functions in Excel VBA.

Changes introduced in the June 2019 Power BI update

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 June 2019

Although there aren't many changes this month, the ones that there are of unusually high quality. The new look to Power BI is welcome (even if it does mean we have to rewrite all of our courseware), and we're looking forward to using the new conditional formatting options and visual header tooltips.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Why the Excel range name conflict dialog box appears, and how to avoid looping

Posted by Andy Brown on 14 June 2019

When you're copying worksheets containing range names, Excel can detect conflicts and take you into a seemingly endless loop of Yes/No dialog boxes. This blog explains why this happens, and how to get out of the loop!

Tags:   Excel | Formulae

A table-valued function in SQL to split a comma-delimited list

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 June 2019

If you're creating Reporting Services reports using multivalue parameters and stored procedures, you'll find this function to split a list of values into a single-table column useful.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters    |    SQL | Functions

New features introduced in the May 2019 update of Power BI

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 May 2019

There's not much new in this month's update. The Performance Analyzer is a great idea, for working out which bits of your report are running slowly, but all of the other changes are minor (as you'll see if you read this blog!).

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

Wise Owl have found one SQL structure which slows down code more than any other

Posted by Andy Brown on 13 May 2019

If your stored procedures or SQL queries are running slowly, don't bother looking at correlated subqueries, cursors, functions or any of the other usual culprits. There's one SQL syntax which Wise Owl have found to be an order of magnitude worse than any other, as this blog shows.

Tags:   SQL | General

Changes made to the main Office applications from Office 2016 up to May 2019

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 May 2019

To prepare the way for the start of a monthly Office update on this website, this long blog lists the changes made to Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word between the release of Office 2016 and May 2019.

A new booking system for Wise Owl public courses!

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 May 2019

We've introduced a new online booking system for our public course places, although only 50% of people (chosen at random) will see it. This blog explains the reasoning behind the new system, and the benefits it offers.

Tags:   Musings | General IT

Andy B's five biggest OOH! moments on an Excel training course.

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 May 2019

All trainers live for that moment when someone's face lights up, as they learn something new which will change their working life for the better. This blog lists my 5 biggest such OOH moments from our Excel training courses. How many of these tips do you know?

Tags:   Excel | General

A summary of the main new features in Visual Studio 2019 for BI developers

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 May 2019

Visual Studio 2019 has a different look (particularly for creating new projects), but Wise Owl can't see any compelling reason to upgrade.

Changes that BI developers can expect from SQL Server 2019

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 May 2019

SQL Server 2019 is not out yet (it's scheduled for release in the second half of 2019), but this blog shows what changes you can expect to see.

Mapping stored procedure parameters to SSRS parameters

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 May 2019

This blog explains why you might want to use the PARAMETERS tab in the Dataset Properties dialog box in SSRS.

Tags:   SSRS | Parameters

The April 2019 update to Power BI has many good features, as this blog explains

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 April 2019

The April 2019 update to Power BI introduces a new concept: the ability to make the value of a property dynamic. Other welcome new changes include M Intellisense, data profiling in query editor and cross-report drill-down.

Tags:   Power BI | Updates

A new acronym for the order of SQL keywords

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 March 2019

Someone has finally won our competition to think of a better acronym for the order of keywords in SQL, we're pleased to announce.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data
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