VBA - advanced videos | Excel VBA Part 25 - Arrays

Posted by Andrew Gould on 12 March 2014

An array is a lot like a variable, only with an array you can store more than one value under the same variable name. This video explains how to work with arrays in VBA, including how to declare basic, fixed-size arrays, populate and read from an array and how to detect the lower and upper bounds of an array. The second half of the video demonstrates more sophisticated arrays including dynamic arrays and multi-dimensional arrays, as well as covering some techniques for speeding up calculations by using arrays. You'll also see how to resize arrays dynamically, and how to transpose an array.

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This video has the following accompanying files:

File name Type Description
Top Movies 2012.xlsm Excel workbook with macros The source data

Click to download a zipped copy of the above files.

There are no exercises for this video.

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07 Aug 21 at 09:02

Dear Sir ,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Okay , i just pause the video , take a screen shot of it, print that screen shot & start practice.

Again Thank you for your kind & marvelous effort to prepare this tutorial videos.


Chirag  Raval


08 Aug 21 at 16:20

You're very welcome, good luck and have fun!

03 Aug 21 at 08:27

Dear Sir,

Please  add your demonstrated code in video Excel VBA Part 25 -Arrays

so we can practice on it.

Want to say Many Thanks for your supper teaching tequniques .


Chirag Raval


04 Aug 21 at 07:23

Hi Chirag!
I'm sorry but I don't have a copy of the code any longer. The original idea of these videos was that people would follow along and write the code as they watch the video.
I did find a copy of the list of films so that you have the original source data to work with. That file is now available to download from the Files tab.
I hope it helps!