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Looking back on the occasion of our 50th newsletter

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 September 2021

As we reach our 50th newsletter, here's a look back over the different versions of our websites, starting with the first oh-so-basic FrontPage version in 1998 and finishing with our prospective new site (early days yet, though, so your opinions on it would be welcome! Oh, and we celebrate our 30th anniversary on 1st May next year: any ideas for how to commemorate this welcome!

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History of Wise Owl: The early years

Posted by Jenny Brown on 22 November 2019

The story of Wise Owl starts in a basement in Chorlton-cum-Hardy in 1992, at a time when WordPerfect for DOS was still widely used and Lotus 1-2-3 ruled the spreadsheet roost.

Tags:   Miscellaneous | Nostalgia

A summary of the tests taken on our skills assessment site in the last 6 years

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 June 2017

Over a third of a million people have completed one of our skills assessment tests since 1st May 2011 - we thought we'd have a look at how these tests break down into categories.

Tags:   Miscellaneous | Nostalgia

Wise Owl is 21 years old this year: 1992-2013

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 April 2012

To celebrate our 21st birthday, we thought we'd look back on how software training has changed over the last 21 years.

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