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Who needs extra screens, when you can have 7 in one laptop?

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 March 2021

Not sure what to buy your loved ones for their birthday? How about a laptop which weighs 12 kilos and includes 7 screens?

February 2021 newsletter competition: answer and winner

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 March 2021

Congratulations to Corin Lee of Macquarie Energy Leasing for winning last month's word search competition: here is the answer!

March 2021 Newsletter Competition - Codeword

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 March 2021

In this month's competition, each number represents a different letter. Fill the grid with English words, and unscramble the shaded letters to solve the puzzle!

The view from the other end for an online training course

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 February 2021

You know what an online course looks like as a delegate, but what happens at the Wise Owl end? We thought we'd shed some light on what goes on from a trainer's point of view.

Microsoft seem to be planning a big upgrade to Windows in the second half of 202

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 February 2021

There's a minor update to Windows due in Spring 2021, but a much bigger one in the offing in the second half of the year

Microsoft Office 2021 should be released in the second half of 2021

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 February 2021

Microsoft have confirmed that they will release another standalone version of Office in the second half of 2021 - this should include dynamic arrays, the XLOOKUP function and a new dark mode, among other things.

You can now view our reviews by course type, software and industry sector

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 February 2021

We've changed the way we store and present client testimonials: you can now search by the type of course (classroom or online), the software taught or the industry sector.

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Buying pre-payment vouchers for Wise Owl training

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 February 2021

This blog explains how you can create a pre-payment account for Wise Owl training, as well as how you can then buy and spend pre-payment vouchers.

Having fun with online Teams meetings

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 February 2021

Did you know that you can apply Snapchat filters to your Teams background? Or show a test card? Or send customised stickers? Read this blog to find out more ...

Distinction between online and classroom training feedback

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 February 2021

Our reviews pages now allow you to see for each testimonial whether it was for an online or classroom training course.

This month we invite you to complete our word search and find the missing item!

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2021

This month's competition is a word search grid containing 47 missing (related) items - plus one more hidden in the unused cells.

Results and winner of our January 2021 Newsletter Quiz Competition

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2021

Congratulations to Amanda Wilding of ReAssure for winning last month's competition - see which question people found easiest (and which they found most difficult), and how many people got all of the questions correct

Our three-day fast track courses are now available as scheduled courses

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2021

To cater for the needs of the select few who can cope with them, we've now published dates for our three-day fast-track courses (previously these were only bookable as in-company tailored courses). Book with care!

A book, a board game and a box set to get you through lockdown

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

It's not often that you find a brilliant book, board game and box set over Christmas all of which you can recommed without reservation, but this blog is proof that it can happen!

New Office 365 skills assessment tests now available

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

We've published 5 new skills assessment tests, for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and general Office 365, allowing you to test people's knowledge of the latest version of Microsoft Office.

The answer to (and winner of) our December 2020 newsletter competition

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 January 2021

This month's competition was one by Rory O'Connor of Freemans Grattan Holdings. This blog gives the answer, and also the logical steps to reach it.

Cardboard cat forts and tanks? How bored can people get in lockdown?

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 December 2020

The aptly named sad and useless website contains many photos of people's cardboard creations, including a surprising number of forts and tanks for cats.

Did you know you could use your browser as a text editor? Us neither ...

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 December 2020

Thanks to Simon Ranson for contributing this bit of trivia: what to type into your browser's address bar to turn it into a text editor.

An opportunity for stardom (well, sort of)

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2020

If you've attended one of our online training courses recently (and enjoyed the experience), would you be willing to be interviewed about it? We're making a couple of short promotional videos, and would love them to feature real people's views.

Was Roger Hargreaves predicting the future of the US with his Mr Men series?

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 November 2020

There's an uncanny correlation between the Mr Men series and the list of American presidents. Donald Trump comes in as Mr Rude, Barack Obama as Mr Cool … see how many correlations you can find!

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