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A new acronym for the order of SQL keywords

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 March 2019

Someone has finally won our competition to think of a better acronym for the order of keywords in SQL, we're pleased to announce.

Tags:   SQL | Selecting data

A way to get 32-bit and 64-bit drivers to co-exist on the same computer

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 September 2018

A (very) short blog containing a link to an article showing how you can import data from Access using SSAS or SSIS on a 64-bit computer

Tags:   SSIS | General SSIS

Five methods for creating partitions of SSAS Tabular tables programmatically

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 July 2018

Need to generate a partition for a fact table for each year, product or region? This blog gives five approaches, so that you can choose which method is for you.

Using partitions/processing to load a large fact table into a tabular data model

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 July 2018

This blog shows how you can load the empty structure of a large fact table into an Analysis Services tabular data model, then use partitions to bring in the data bit by bit.


Posted by Sam Lowrie on 21 June 2018

Learn how to MERGE rows from two tables into one combined table, and how to remove unwanted data from both tables.

Tags:   SQL | Programming tables

Resolving a problem with SSRS and a Windows 10 update

Posted by David Wakefield on 18 June 2018

After installing Windows 10 our laptops started returning a 503 error in Web Portal - this blog shows how to resolve this.

Tags:   SSRS | General

How to get rid of lots of blank rows in a Report Builder table

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

There seems to be an occasional bug in Report Builder which fills a table with blank rows. Here's one owl's way to get round it.

Tags:   SSRS | Report Builder

Which should you learn: Report Builder or Reporting Services?

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

Report Builder and SQL Server Reporting Services are almost identical - which makes the small but important differences even harder to explain.

Tags:   SSRS | Report Builder    |    SSRS | General

Did you know there was an IIF function in SQL to test conditions? We didn't!

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 February 2018

You can use the IIF function in SQL as an alternative to the CASE WHEN statement. We thought we would share this new (for us) discovery with the world!

Tags:   SQL | Calculations

What's new in SQL Server 2017? For SSAS Tabular, lots, it transpires.

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 January 2018

This blog summarises the main new features of SQL Server for non-administrators (that is, most of us). Most parts of SQL Server get minor changes at best, but SSAS Tabular 2017 gets a host of major improvements.

Create your own snippets of SQL code, and insert them into your queries

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 November 2017

With SQL Server 2012 came the power not just to use pre-defined code snippets, but also to create your own - this blog explains how.

Tags:   SQL | General

This blog shows a clever way to annotate expression constraints in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 April 2017

If you've added an expression constraint to control flow in a package in Integration Services, this blog will show you how to display what the constraint does automatically.

Tags:   SSIS | Control flow tasks

How to loop over the worksheets in an Excel workbook using Integration Services

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 April 2017

Follow this blog to learn how to use an SSIS package to loop over the worksheets in an Excel XLSX workbook, importing the contents of each.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

Speed comparison of temporary tables against table variables

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 March 2017

When you are programming in SQL, you often have the choice of using table variables or temporary tables. This blog considers whether one method is substantially quicker than the other (spoiler alert: not really).

Tags:   SQL | Programming tables

A list of one owl's 5 favourite system stored procedures in SQL!

Posted by Andy Brown on 03 February 2017

Everyone has a favourite system stored procedure (you do, don't you?). But five? That's the subject of this blog, anyway.

Tags:   SQL | Stored procedures

Wise Owl coding standards for T-SQL (the SQL dialect used in SQL Server)

Posted by Andy Brown on 01 February 2017

A blog setting out an approach to coding in SQL to ensure consistently high standards across your organisation.

Tags:   SQL | General

Is the new(ish) FORMAT function in SQL Server slow?

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 January 2017

SQL Server 2012 saw the introduction of the T-SQL FORMAT function, making it easier to present dates nicely (no more remembering CONVERT arguments such as 103!). But is it too slow to be really useful? This blog aims to test this scientifically.

Tags:   SQL | Calculations

How to use the FOR XML keywords in SQL to concatenate ids

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 September 2016

If you want to group items in a SQL query, showing a comma-delimited list of ids for each, generating an XML file is not the obvious place to start - but it should be.

Tags:   SQL | General

SQL Server 2016 contains lots of new goodies, as this blog explains

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 July 2016

Microsoft have made huge changes to SQL Server Reporting Services and Analysis Services (Tabular Model), and smaller ones to SSIS, SSAS (cubes) and SQL. This blog gives the main highlights, with links to blogs giving the full Monty for each area of SQL Server 2016.

An analysis of the main new features in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 July 2016

Microsoft have put a lot of effort into SSRS 2016, including completely rewriting Report Manager (it's now called Web Portal) and creating separate software for publishing reports to mobiles. There are lots of new features to contemplate!

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