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30 years in business
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The changing nature of our clients
A look at how the nature of our clients has changed over the twenty or so years for which we've been recording data.

You can see a summary of our 30th anniversary nostalgia (and celebrations) here.

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 February 2022

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The changing nature of our clients

The (busy) chart below shows how the composition of our clients has changed over the years (we only started recording data properly from about 2004):

Spending by sector

Forgive the lack of numbers - we have to preserve some confidentiality. Notice how health and local government spending has gone up at the expense of manufacturing and engineering.

Out of our top 5 clients, one is very recent, while another has been there since we started recording data properly:

Top 5 clients

Client A (they can probably guess who they are) have been one of our top 5 clients every year, although they still only make up 5.8% of our total turnover.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has trusted us to deliver training courses for them over the last 30 years!

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