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Holoportation using Microsoft Mesh

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 March 2021

Microsoft Mesh will make it seem as if you're actually holoporting to another place, but you'll have to wear googles to change your reality.

Teams Together: gimmick, or productivity tool?

Posted by Andy Brown on 22 March 2021

The new preview Teams Together feature makes it look as if you and your team are sitting side-by-side at a bar - but there the illusion ends.

Have you got any suggestions for future Wise Owl training courses?

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 September 2016

Please let us know if you can think of any training course that you think we should be offering, but which isn't in our current portfolio.

Some ideas for new features for Microsoft Excel 20xx

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

Excel is a great product, but there is always room for improvement. Here Andy Brown considers 12 possible new features for Excel 2020.

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