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Marking our 30th anniversary month

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

We're giving to UNICEF 30 pounds for each booking in May as part of the celebrations for our 30th anniversary

Two more T-shirts for geeks

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 April 2022

If you're a fan of Boolean algebra, or are in two minds about Schrodinger's cat, these Ts are for you!

The world has a shortage of semi-conductors; are worksheets now running out too?

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2022

After shortages of semi-conductors caused by COVID and other global supply problems, are Excel worksheets the latest resource to feel the pinch?

Can cats and computers co-exist?

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2022

Emma Howard recently attended a Python course with us, and has sent through a photo of her cat enjoying the courseware manual.

T shirts for nerds

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2022

Need an idea for a present for the nerd in your life (which may or may not be yourself)? Here are 3 our favourite geek humour T-shirts (and one bonus Wise Owl one!).

Wise Owl versions of Wordle in Power BI, Python and Excel

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 January 2022

The Wordle bandwagon is rolling fast downhill, but we managed to board it. This blog shows one Wise Owl's current stats, and links to our Power BI, Python and Excel VBA versions of this web-based word game.

The great British beard-off - how Wise Owls lose weight

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 October 2021

Sam and Shaun want to lose weight, and have pledged to cut off their prized beards if they don't meet their targets. You can see the beards, the terms of the contest and updates on their progress (and even join in if you like!) at this blog.

Need a short diversion? Here our 5 random sites to amuse, plus one bonus one

Posted by Andy Brown on 29 September 2021

Some of the sites on this page will make you laugh, and some make you shake your head, but they should all entertain you for a moment or two!

What to do with your IKEA bags?

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

The IKEA blue Frakta shopping bag is iconic, and everywhere. Here are 5 suggestions (not always totally serious) for how you can recycle your IKEA bags!

Review of a book on the Stuxnet worm

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

The Stuxnet worm was one of the most sophisticated bits of software ever written. Find out exactly how the US and Israel used it to target Iranian uranium centrifuges, and see the implications this has for us all.

A swear-word alternative to What 3 Words

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

You may know about What 3 Words, which allows you to pinpoint your location in the world using just 3 words. Now there's Four King Words, which does the same for the UK and Ireland using just 4 swear words.

9 interesting facts about emojis to lighten your day

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

Do you know why World Emoji Day is held on July 17th each year? Or how to see the world's emojis being tweeted in real time? Or that Microsft are trying to resurrect Clippy the paper-clip as an emoji? These are just 3 of the 9 fascinating facts explained in this blog!

You can now pay Wise Owl invoices online

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 July 2021

We've added a link to every invoice that we send out - clicking on this link will take you to an online payment form, so that you can pay invoices without having to call us.

A book, a board game and a box set to get you through lockdown

Posted by Andy Brown on 05 January 2021

It's not often that you find a brilliant book, board game and box set over Christmas all of which you can recommed without reservation, but this blog is proof that it can happen!

Cardboard cat forts and tanks? How bored can people get in lockdown?

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 December 2020

The aptly named sad and useless website contains many photos of people's cardboard creations, including a surprising number of forts and tanks for cats.

Did you know you could use your browser as a text editor? Us neither ...

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 December 2020

Thanks to Simon Ranson for contributing this bit of trivia: what to type into your browser's address bar to turn it into a text editor.

An opportunity for stardom (well, sort of)

Posted by Andy Brown on 27 November 2020

If you've attended one of our online training courses recently (and enjoyed the experience), would you be willing to be interviewed about it? We're making a couple of short promotional videos, and would love them to feature real people's views.

Was Roger Hargreaves predicting the future of the US with his Mr Men series?

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 November 2020

There's an uncanny correlation between the Mr Men series and the list of American presidents. Donald Trump comes in as Mr Rude, Barack Obama as Mr Cool … see how many correlations you can find!

What happens when you blend the pieces from two different jigsaws?

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 October 2020

Vancouver-based artist Tim Klein has used the fact that many jigsaws are based on the same template to create some truly weird and wonderful composite images.

Shaun often takes his camera when exercising, as these stunning photos show

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 September 2020

Three photos in the life of a Wise Owl trainer: a London church in the moonlight, the river Dee near Wrexham and the sun rising behind Tower Bridge.

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