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5 board games worth trying

Posted by Sam Lowrie on 05 October 2019

Sam lists out 5 board games you should try, covering everything from matching symbols to killing zombies.

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Some ideas for lunch boxes for the school run or the office microwave

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 September 2019

Bored of the same sandwich every day? Be creative, and try one of these recipes from Lunchbox Dad.

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Andy Brown of Wise Owl reviews his top 15 podcasts - see if you agree!

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 September 2019

When travelling to Wise Owl training courses Andy Brown is a podcast enthusiast. In this blog he lists his 15 favourites - see if yours make the cut, or if there are any in the list that you haven't heard of.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Wise Owl movie connections

Posted by Andrew Gould on 19 August 2019

Lots of our training material uses examples related to movies but did you know that Wise Owl has several tenuous connections to famous films?

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Some ideas for company days out!

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 June 2018

Go-karting, axe-throwing, escape rooms and ninja training - some of the ideas from this blog suggesting company days out in Manchester.

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A personal take on the best dozen Times crossword clues from the last 5 years

Posted by Andy Brown on 11 December 2017

In addition to computer training, Andy Brown is also an addict of the Times Crossword. In this blog Andy takes a break from blogging on software to list his 12 favourites clues from the last 5 years of puzzles.

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Skills assessment tests are now incorporated within the main Wise Owl website

Posted by Andy Brown on 10 November 2017

You can now test your knowledge of software without leaving our website. The new site is nicer-looking, quicker and more secure, and above all gives much better reports (and makes them easier to save and share).

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How to post comments onto the Wise Owl website

Posted by Andy Brown on 09 September 2016

If you want to initiate (or take part in) a discussion on our website, you'll first need to create a post - and to do that, you'll need to register on our site. This blog explains how to do both these things!

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Addiction to the 2048 mobile phone app

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2014

One owl's sad story of addiction to a simple computer game: a tale of lost time and lost sanity.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Teacher training: learning how to code at school

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 October 2014

How Wise Owl training courses can help teachers to fulfil the new UK National Curriculum requirement to teach all schoolchildren how to program.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Revealing how Excel workbooks are actually stored as zipped XML files

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 May 2014

Did you know that Excel workbooks are really just a collection of XML files, all zipped together? We didn’t either, so we thought we'd tell the world.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings    |    Excel | General

How to enable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer

Posted by Andy Brown on 06 March 2014

This short blog shows how to get round a compatibility mode problem with the skills assessment site.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

KB2716442 SQL Server 2012 Windows Update fails

Posted by Andy Brown on 02 November 2012

One idea for what to do if you continually get one Windows Update appearing when you shut down your computer.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

The Scratch programming language and Code Clubs

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

Volunteers throughout the UK are helping to run code clubs, teaching 9-11 year olds the basics of programming. Find out more!

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Make Google do a barrel roll, show odd directions, etc.

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

Google has a number of hidden features buried within it - here's a summary of my personal favourites.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Translate Facebook into Piratese, or upside-down English

Posted by Andy Brown on 24 September 2012

Facebook supports a wide variety of native languages - this blog takes a light-hearted look at some of the stranger ones.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings

Why the Easter Bunny prefers SQL Server to Access

Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2012

The Easter Bunny stores his distribution data in SQL Server, not Access; read why!

Tags:   Musings | Random musings    |    Access | Designing databases

Why VB trumps C#, and how trolls don't agree!

Posted by Andy Brown on 15 March 2012

I recently wrote a blog on why (I believe) VB is a better programming language than C# - I wasn't prepared for the flames this would unleash.

Tags:   Musings | Random musings    |    Visual Basic | General coding    |    Visual C# | General

Ten Useful Applications That You Can Get For Free

Posted by Andrew Gould on 15 December 2011

As Christmas 2011 approaches we thought it would be a nice idea to list some geeky gifts that you can give to yourself. And the best thing is that they're all completely free!

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