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The mighty MapBox visual for Power BI

Posted by Marie Woltman on 27 April 2020

Marie Woltman is a Power BI guru whose maps we often reference on our courses. In this blog she explains why MapBox is her preferred mapping tool, and shows how to use it to create custom styles and layers.

Tags:   Power BI | Maps

Some useful links for finding topoJSON files to be used in Power BI shape maps

Posted by Andy Brown on 23 October 2018

If you're lucky (?) enough to live in the United States, you won't have a problem with shape map files; if you live in the UK, you may find these links useful!

Tags:   Power BI | Maps

Some ideas for how to map data in Power BI Desktop

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 June 2017

Anyone who has tried to get a meaningful non-US map out of Power BI Desktop will know that it's often not straightforward! This blog shows you how to overcome some of the issues, including geocoding data, getting latitude and longitude settings and changing cross filter settings in relationships.

Tags:   Power BI | Maps
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