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Changes and new features for our Power Apps course

Posted by Andy Brown on 20 June 2022

Much has changed in the 2 years since we first launched our Power Apps course - this blog is intended to give previous course delegates a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed!

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Power Apps causes 38 million records to be exposed online

Posted by Andy Brown on 31 August 2021

An investigation from security company UpGuard has revealed that many major US companies have exposed user data online through badly configured Power Apps applications.

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The 5 best things about working with Power Apps

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 September 2020

Power Apps is fun, as this blog tries to show. It consists of one owl's very personal take on the 5 best things about using the software.

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A list of the 5 things one Wise Owl finds most annoying about Power Apps

Posted by Andy Brown on 26 September 2020

Any software has things you love, and things you ... don't love so much. This blog covers the latter set of things!

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How to save a Power Apps app to a local drive, and then open it

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 September 2020

This blog shows a simple way to export a Power Apps app without creating a solution. If you've got a fairly simple app without too many resources or data sources, it describes a much easier way to back up and restore apps than the standard export/import approach.

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An overview of what Power Apps is and does, for beginners

Posted by Andy Brown on 25 August 2020

What IS Power Apps? In this blog we try to convey the essence of this enjoyable product, so you can make the decision of whether to invest in it.

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