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Booking a training course shouldn't be a leap in the dark, which is why we make these promises to you so that you know exactly what to expect from your course.

Only Wise Owl trainers

Most (nearly all) computer training companies use freelancers. Wise Owl don't, because we want to be 100% sure that your trainer will know his or her subject inside out, and be able to convey this information in an entertaining way.

Before giving any course, our trainers will have practised delivering it in front of other owls (a demanding audience, trust us), and will also have sat on a course at least one level more advanced than the one being delivered.

Outstanding courseware

Our courseware is so good that we continually get asked if we'll sell it separately (answer: yes, but only in large quantities). For each course we will provide a course manual containing the topics covered on the course, colour-printed and bound using the Unibind process.

Our exercises

Some courses lend themselves to interesting exercises more than others (it's easier to make PowerPoint exercises interesting than - say - advanced SQL). However, we work hard to use interesting and straightforward examples (and uniquely, publish all of our exercises online so you will know what to expect). For each course, we promise to provide a separate booklet of relevant exercises, with the files needed contained on a USB stick which will be yours to take away after the course. We also promise you won't be using the AdventureWorks database or the Contosi website on our courses!

Good manners

We promise to treat you as we'd like to be treated ourselves:

  • we won't pester you following an enquiry (we'll only ever chase up once, and that will usually be a few weeks after we first heard from you).
  • Provided you're an established company, we won't invoice you for training until after it's taken place (unless you specifically want us to).
  • We won't cancel courses that you've booked.

And finally, we promise to answer our phones within UK office hours in person 95% of the time (we are only human, after all).


We can't guarantee that your course will be a laugh-a-minute, because we do have to cover the material at the end of the day. However, we'll make the day (or days) as enjoyable as we can within this constraint. Things which help are our small class sizes (with only 6 people on a course, it's easy for everyone to get to know each other); the fact that we take everyone out to a local restaurant on all of our scheduled courses, for a business lunch; and the humour that all of our trainers try to bring to each course.

Efficient administration

Unusually (uniquely?) we don't have any sales staff, so the person you speak to on the phone will nearly always be one of our trainers. We have a superb internal system called Wombat, custom-written specifically to handle our bookings (it stands for Wise Owl Management of Bookings and Time, if you're interested), which enables us to look up your information within a second or two. We aim to reply to emails within a couple of hours of receipt and to answer all phone enquiries in person within 6 rings.

If you're not convinced by all of these promises, browse through our references to see what others have thought.

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