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Stuck? Expand any of the headings below to see why we could be the right people to get your project moving forward:

Software expertise

Here's the software in which we consider we're experts (see the key below for what the numbers mean):

Excel: 10
SQL: 10
VBA: 10
Power BI/DAX: 9
C#: 9
VB: 9
Power BI Admin: 5
SQL Server Admin: 5

Here's a guide to what the numbers mean:

Rating What it means
10 Guru (not many people know the software this well)
9 Expert in the field
8 and under We don't claim to be experts in this!

Above all, we are experts in designing and building simple systems (using Microsoft software) that are easy to use!

Experience and wisdom

Wisdom? Well, we are Wise Owl after all! Any geek can over-engineer a computer system, but it's much harder to keep one simple. Our mantra is KISS:

Keep It Simple, Stupid

We have nearly 30 years' experience of understanding what makes software easy to use (and conversely, what prevents software from being adopted).

Andy Brown (one of our directors) used to work as a management consultant at a predecessor of PwC and David Wakefield (a second director) worked for years as an analyst/programmer, so we do know what we're talking about ...


What do you need? Wherever you are in the world, we can help you. Here are some options:

Commitment Details
One hour You could pre-book an hour's online consultancy with a real live Wise Owl, during which time we could try to answer a specific problem.
A morning You could explain what you're trying to achieve, and we could advise on whether what this is realistic, how long it would take to accomplish and whether you've chosen the best software for the job.
One or more days With one or more days of consultancy we can help you to build your system, for any stage from its initial specification through to its design and build.

The great benefit of using Wise Owl is that we don't just want to pass our knowledge on to you: it's our core belief (after all, we've been training businesses in the UK for nearly 30 years).


Our prices for consultancy are as follows:

Duration Price
Hourly £125 per hour, with a minimum booking of £500
Daily £950 per day, falling to £750 per day for longer projects
Weekly Dependent on project

Note that all fees must be paid in advance. For budgeting, please add VAT (currently at 20.00%) to the above prices.

Convinced? Use the form below to send us a summary of what you're trying to achieve, and we'll let you know whether we can help.

Alternatively, call us on (0161) 883 3606 to speak to an owl.

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