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How to loop over the worksheets in an Excel workbook using Integration Services

Posted by Andy Brown on 21 April 2017

Follow this blog to learn how to use an SSIS package to loop over the worksheets in an Excel XLSX workbook, importing the contents of each.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

Unpivoting data in SSIS using the Unpivot transformation

Posted by Andy Brown on 07 April 2016

If you've been given the output from a pivot table or a cube, you can collapse it back into its original state using the UNPIVOT transform in Integration Services.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

How to create dynamic connection strings in Integration Services packages

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 January 2016

It's often useful to make connections point to different Excel workbooks or SQL Server databases, depending on the value you set for variables or parameters. This blog shows the underlying principle - it's up to you then to apply this in your workplace!

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow    |    SSIS | General SSIS

How and when to use the Execute SQL task PARSE QUERY button in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 18 September 2015

A short blog explaining how the Parse Query property and BypassPrepare property for an SSIS task are related.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

Ideas for encrypting data in transit in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 08 February 2015

How can you encrypt data flowing within an Integration Services package? We don't think you can, but here are a couple of ideas.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

Steps to follow when creating a new flat file in SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 04 December 2014

Using an existing flat file in SSIS is straightforward, but creating a new one can be a pain - this blogs gives some steps to follow.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow

Problems connecting to Excel workbook from SSIS

Posted by Andy Brown on 16 April 2013

A short blog explaining why you might have problems connecting to an Excel workbook from SSIS.

Tags:   SSIS | Data flow
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