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Added by FelixP on 21 Mar 2021 at 10:51

MYSQL solution

For mysql-typical error 1235 see this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17892762/mysql-this-version-of-mysql-doesnt-yet-support-limit-in-all-any-some-subqu

SELECT EventName , EventDetails
    FROM tblEvent e1
    WHERE e1.CountryID NOT IN
    (  SELECT sub1.CountryID FROM -- wrapping due due Error code: 1235
       (SELECT c1.CountryID FROM tblCountry c1 
      ORDER BY c1.CountryName DESC
       LIMIT 30) sub1
 AND e1.CategoryID NOT IN
        SELECT sub2.CategoryID FROM   -- wrapping due due Error code: 1235
        (SELECT cat1.CategoryID FROM tblCategory cat1
         ORDER BY cat1.CategoryName DESC
        LIMIT 15) sub2
    ORDER BY e1.EventDate

Added by FelixP on 21 Mar 2021 at 11:24

MYSQL solution:

select sub1.ContName as Continent, eventName as Event from tblEvent e
    join tblCountry ctr on ctr.CountryID = e.CountryID
    join (
        select cont1.ContinentID, cont1.ContinentName as ContName, count(e1.EventID) as eventCount 
        from tblEvent e1
            join tblCountry ctr1 on ctr1.CountryID = e1.CountryID
            join tblContinent cont1 on cont1.ContinentID = ctr1.ContinentID
            group by cont1.ContinentID, cont1.ContinentName
            order by eventCount 
            limit 3) as sub1
        on sub1.ContinentID = ctr.ContinentID

Added by FelixP on 22 Mar 2021 at 21:19

You won't  spoil it TOTOally, huh? D