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Write a SELECT statement to return events from the 3 continents with the fewest events. To do this first write a SELECT query which returns all the continents and events.


Unsorted results returns 459 events.


Now underneath write another SELECT statemnt which lists  events for the 3 continents with the lowest COUNT of events. Put the COUNT in the ORDER BY clause, not the SELECT.

Lowest count of events

Not as many penguin parties as you'd expect.


Finally use the second SELECT as a filter in the first SELECT's WHERE clause. To do this use ContinentName IN (Sub Query).

Sub Query Continent

Only 8 events in these 3 continents - maybe stick to Ibiza and the Islands!


Optionally save this as Quiet places to visit.sql, and close it down.

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12 Jun 19 at 08:51

i cannot seem to figure out the answer  of the second one this is my code so far :

select top 3 con.ContinentName, eve.EventName
from tblCountry as cou
inner join tblContinent con on con.ContinentID=cou.ContinentID
inner join tblEvent as eve on eve.CountryID=cou.CountryID

select top 3 cou.CountryName
from tblCountry as cou
inner join tblEvent as eve on eve.CountryID=cou.CountryID
group by cou.CountryName
order by count(eve.eventid) desc