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About Wise Owl - training, consultancy and other services

Wondering if you should trust us with your money and staff?  Here's a potted summary of Wise Owl to help you decide!


We offer two types of training (scheduled and tailored) in two formats (classroom and online):

Type Notes
Scheduled Scheduled classroom training courses are advertised on our website, and typically take place either in London or Manchester or online.  Places are open to the public.  There are never more than 6 people on a Wise Owl scheduled course.
Tailored In addition, we also run customised training courses for businesses around the UK (and for online courses overseas also).  These courses run at the client's site, at one of our training venues or online.  For a tailored course a client can choose the topics, dates, times, venue and duration for the course.  Our only stipulation is that we won't train more than 6 people at a time, as the quality of the training would inevitably suffer otherwise.

In addition, we also provide consultancy.

Who and how we train

The vast majority of our training is provided for business and organisations in the UK.  We don't have any single typical client or course delegate, although most of the people on our courses are office workers.  Unusually:

  • We limit course sizes to 6 people at a time.
  • We publish samples of all of our materials on this website, so potential customers can decide if they like our approach to training.
  • We never use freelance trainers (here's some thoughts on the subject).
  • We don't invoice for training until after it's taken place.

Our aim is to make training courses as enjoyable as is possible within the constraint that there's a software application to be learnt!

We also have the resources and systems to offer a complete outsourced Microsoft training service.

Ethos and values

We have summarised how we work in this page, although we do now have a mission statement thanks to our excellent marketing guru Karen, which is:

"To empower people with confidence, knowledge and skills so they can solve their problems and work more efficiently."

We'd like to think that we're a bit more proactive than Google: rather than not doing evil, we like to think we actively do good!


We frequently advertise vacancies on this site - see our jobs page for details.

Company details

Finally, here are some company details in case you want to look us up at Companies House:

What Details
Company number 05110386
Company name Wise Owl Business Solutions Ltd.
VAT number 603 6050 83

We look forward to hearing from you!

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