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Outsource your Microsoft computer training to Wise Owl

Browse around this website, and you'll notice two things.  One is that we're pretty good at delivering training; the other is that we're not bad at systems too.

By this we don't just mean computer systems, but also more general ones: for example, managing the process of a training course, both from the point of view of the person who booked it and of the people attending.

Why is this relevant for you?  Well, we train for some fairly large companies (you can see an up-to-date list of our top 100 clients here) and we try to make their lives as easy as we possibly can.  Here are some examples:

Area Notes
Reliability If you're outsourcing training, you want complete reliability - always.  In nearly 30 years of training we've turned up late for courses twice (and on both occasions we were so mortified that we sent flowers afterwards to the delegates).
Flexibility We can train at your site or at one of our training centres; we can customise any course to include exactly the topics you want (and our systems are geared towards then printing out courseware and exercises covering the topics you've chosen); and we'll bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.
Equipment We'll provide and set up training laptops for you if you require, to ensure that your course runs smoothly.

If you're thinking of outsourcing a reasonably large amount of training, what we'd suggest that you do is to visit our office in the first instance to see our people, systems and critique forms.  We promise to help you, and not to sell to you!

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