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Wise Owl training is different!

Our training courses are way better than the average course - please take a moment to see why.

Know your trainer

Nearly every other computer training company uses freelance trainers to give courses - we don't (here's why). So come inside and meet your trainer!

560 on-line testimonials

We have 560 testimonials to the quality of our training, each with the delegate's and company's name (thanks to all concerned for agreeing to contribute).

Small class sizes

It's hard to learn when you're in a (real or virtual) roomful of people. That's why we keep our class sizes small. There are at most 6 people on each of our classroom and online courses.

Good manners and integrity

We're a family company, which gives us the freedom to follow our ethics a bit more. Is this just sales spiel? Not really - here are 5 very specific ways in which we try to make the world a better place.

Outstanding course manuals

Training course manuals are vital to refer to, both during and after a course. We think ours are the best in the training industry - see if you agree.

Proper lunches!

We think a course should also be a bit of a day out, so - COVID allowing - we take delegates out for a proper lunch on all of our scheduled classroom courses.

No cancellations

We almost never cancel or postpone courses. To see what the word almost means in this context, read our no-cancellation guarantee.

USB stick

As well as a posh Pen, we also give out a USB stick with each course. This contains exercise files, model answers and - by the end, we hope - your work too!

Find out whether we can help you - we'll give you an honest answer, and won't pester you if you decide we're not for you.

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