Report Builder | Expressions exercise | Calculate the age of an actor when a film was made

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Software ==> Report Builder  (42 exercises)
Version ==> RB 3 or RB 2016
Topic ==> Expressions  (5 exercises)
Level ==> Average difficulty
Subject ==> Report Builder training
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Create a report picking out the following data:

  • From the tblFilm table, the FilmName and FilmReleaseDate fields
  • From the tblActor table, the ActorName and ActorDob fields
  • From the tblCast table, the CastCharacterName field

You'll need to create relationships linking these tables together for your dataset.

Within this report create a table listing actors (we'll calculate the year and age fields shortly):

Report Builder 3.0 exercise - Expressions (image 1)

The table should have data in the first two columns only

Use the =YEAR function to create expressions to calculate the years shown for columns 3 and 4.

Now create an expression for the final column which gives the age of each actor at the time a film was made (just subtract one year from the other).

If that's all done, see if you can sort the table so that the youngest actors (at the time a film was made) appear at the top of the list.  Your table should begin:

Report Builder 3.0 exercise - Expressions (image 2)

Dakota Fanning tops the list!

Save this report as How old were they then.

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only.
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