Power BI | Calculated columns exercise | Calculate Oscar and financial figures for films

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Open the Power BI report in the above folder.  It currently shows two charts:

Two charts

The charts compare the average Oscars won and the average box-office takings for films by genre.


In the Films table, add two calculated columns:

Column name What it should show
Disappointment The difference between the number of Oscars a film was nominated for and the number it actually won.
Profit The difference between the box office takings and the budget for a film (divided by a million, so you can show the result in millions of dollars rather than in dollars).

Note that some films - particularly the ones early on in the table - may not display figures for every row, since either the budget or the box office takings values may be blank.

Change your two charts to show your newly calculated statistics instead:

Two charts

The new charts should show that Biographical films have the highest average disappointment factor, but Awful ones have the highest average profitability.

Save this report as Titanic struggle, then close it down. 

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only.
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25 Jul 21 at 14:42

The zip file doesn't contain the Excel file so can't create any new calculated columns without it. Kindly add the source file in the zip file. Thanks!

26 Jul 21 at 09:28

Zipped file is there now - thanks for bringing up.