Conditions and Loops
Exercise 3.03

Exercise 3.03

The aim of this exercise is to create a list of films by copying data from multiple worksheets according to criteria set by the user.

Files Needed

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  1. Extract and open the Movies Yearly Data.xlsm workbook.  You'll find a worksheet which allows you to enter a minimum and maximum run time for films whose details you want to copy:
Example workbook

Clicking the Get List button on the Movies worksheet should copy each film whose run time falls between the minimum and maximum entered from each of the other worksheets.

  1. In the VBE, find the Get_List_Of_Films subroutine and write code which will copy the matching films into the Movies worksheet.  The suggestions below should help you to plan this procedure:
  • Ensure that the procedure starts with the Movies worksheet selected.
  • Use a conditional loop to move to the next worksheet until there are no more worksheets to select.
  • Within the loop, select the next worksheet then select the first cell in the list of data on that sheet.
  • Write a new conditional loop within the first which moves down the list of films on the selected worksheet.
  • For each film, check if the run time is between the minimum and maximum entered on the Movies worksheet.
  • If so, copy the row of data to the end of the current list on the Movies worksheet.
  • After the loops have finished, select the Movies worksheet to see the list of results.
  1. Enter some values for the minimum and maximum run times and test that you see sensible results:

Check that your results match the criteria you have entered.

  1. Add If statements at the beginning of the Get_List_Of_Films procedure to prevent the user continuing if they have entered silly values.  You could check the following:
  • The user has entered a value for both the minimum and maximum run time.
  • Both values are numbers.
  • Both values are not less than zero.
  • The maximum is not less than the minimum.
  1. Test that your validation code works:
Test validation

It's helpful to tell the user what they have done wrong.

  1. Save and close the workbook.

Answer Files

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