Conditions and Loops
Exercise 3.02

Exercise 3.02

The aim of this exercise is to loop over a list of films and use conditional functions to calculate values for each row.

Files Needed

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  1. Extract and open the Movies.xlsm workbook to find a worksheet containing a list of films:
Top of list

The first three films in the list are shown here.

  1. Create a subroutine which begins by selecting cell A2.
  2. Add a conditional loop to the subroutine which selects the cell below the active cell and continues doing so until a blank cell is selected.
  3. Within the loop, use an IIf function to assign a value to the Success column (column D) based on the number of Oscars a film has won:
Oscars Success
0 Loser
1 or more Winner
  1. Within the loop, use a Switch function to assign a value to the Length column (column F) based on the Run Time of a film:
Run Time Length
< 100 Short
100 - 149 Medium
150 - 199 Long
>= 200 Epic
  1. Run the subroutine you have written and check that you see the expected results:

A selection of results from the list.

  1. Save and close the workbook.

Answer Files

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