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You can click on the following button at the top right of our webpage to send us a message (if you're using our website on a mobile phone, click here to go to this page):

Contacting Wise Owl

Alternatively, you can call the number given.

Here's how your enquiry will be answered:

Enquiry How we will respond
Technical question We provide a huge amount of free resources on this website, including blogs, videos, shorts, exercises and skill tests. Unfortunately, we don't usually have the time to respond to technical enquiries as well, otherwise we would never be able to attend to our main business of running classroom and online training courses!  If you think your question is of general interest, you could try posting it on an appropriate webpage (you are more likely to get an answer if you post it on a relevant page; please also avoid including links back to your website, as these will be interpreted as advertising).
Skill test question enquiry If you think a particular question is wrong, please use the link at the bottom of the appropriate webpage to report it (we will always reply to these emails, although usually we've found that this is to let you know that the question is correct as it stands!).  We won't, however, give any technical help on any question.
Skill test process enquiry If you've been given a test to do by someone and have any questions, please address them to the person who sent you the invitation to do the test. 

Unless an email or website enquiry is clearly an attempt to hack our website or to advertise a service we will usually acknowledge it (provided that it's sent in good faith), usually on the same working day.

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