Help on taking our skills assessment tests

Wise Owl's skills assessment tests have been available to do online since December 2010.  Since then over three-quarters of a million people have completed a test.  This help page explains what the tests are, who should do them, how to take a test and how to view your results.

Who should do the tests

People who have found our tests useful include:

Category Notes
Interviewers If you're considering a candidate for a job, you can use our tests to determine whether someone really knows about a software application or is just bluffing!
Interviewees Use our tests to find out whether you're as proficient as you think you are in any particular program.
Bored lunchers Want something to do while you eat your sandwiches?  Take a test to see how you rate compared to the thousands of other people who have gone before you (and then share the results with your colleagues, to challenge them to see if they can do better).
Would-be techies If you're trying to learn to use a particular software program, you can use our tests to see how much you know, and how far you still have to go ...

So the answer to the question of who should take our tests  is ... you!

How much do the tests costs to take?

Nothing.  The tests are completely free, and you don't even have to log in or create an account to see your results.

So after you've invested the time in taking a test, there won't be one of those irritating pop-ups insisting that you sign up for an account before you can see your results, and you'll see how well you did on screen immediately (you won't need to enter your email address).

How much time will each test take to do?

Each of the tests on our website currently takes a maximum of 20 minutes.  In practice, a test will probably take much less time than this.

While you do a test, a progress meter will show how you're doing:

Progress meter

Lots of time left yet ...

When you finish the test, the website should show your results in a couple of seconds, so you'll still have time to eat your yoghurt before you get back to work!

If a test that you're doing times out, all of the questions that you haven't had time to answer will be marked as I DON'T KNOW: you'll still be able to see your score after this.

Viewing and sharing your test results

Here are some typical results from a test:

Sample test results

Sample test results

The test shows how well you did relative to others who have taken the same test, and which were your areas of strength and weakness.  When you've finished a test, you can share it with friends or colleagues, save it against your Wise Owl account or review the answers you gave:

Sharing options

The options for sharing and saving a test.

If you want to save your results (perhaps so that you can review them at a future date), you'll need to create an account on our website.  This is also free, and only takes a minute or so.

Can I book tests for other people to take?

You can now do this!  You can try this out yourself without charge, although there is a capacity limit (after which time you will have to sign up to a premium account to continue).  You can see the details here:

Area Details
Booking tests Help on how to book tests for other people to do
Premium account All the details on what's included in our premium account, when you'll need it and how much it will cost to sign up for it.

Can I create my own tests?

Yes!  You can see instructions for how to do this here (be warned that good tests take a while to create).  Creating custom test is subject to capacity limits after which you will need to create a premium account to continue (you can see the details here).

Can I embed your tests on our website?

As things stand, no, although we are considering this as an enhancement in the next few years.  If you are a major user of this site it's definitely worth getting in contact to see if we can arrange something earlier than this.

What if I have more questions?

You can see more details of how to get email support for our skills assessment tests here.

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