How to log off from our private website

If you can see your user name in the button at the top right of every webpage on our website, you are logged in:

Logged in user

This user is logged in!  If you're using a mobile, you may need to click on the three-barred gate at the top right of each page of our site to see this button.

To log out, just click on this button and then choose the appropriate menu option:

Log me off button

After clicking on the button showing your user name you should be able to scroll down to see this menu option.


You can the confirm your intentions!

Confirm log off

This confirmation screen gives you the chance to change your mind, just in case you clicked on the link by mistake.

You will be taken back to our website's home page:

Website home page

You can now sign back in with a different (or the same) account should you so wish!

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