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You can now see your booking history on our website
Clients can now sign on to our website to see a full record of everything they've booked. Wondering if Anna in Accounts has been on an Excel course? Log on to find out!

Posted by Andy Brown on 28 April 2020

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You can now see your booking history on our website

We're delighted to say that you can now see details of all of your past (and future) bookings through the private clients section of our website. 

Here's how it works.  First, choose to log in:

Logging in to our website

Click on this button at the top of the website to sign in.

Either sign in to an account you've previously used, or create a new one:

screen

It's important to use one of the email addresses that you use or used to place your bookings.

You can then click on your user name at any time to view your bookings:

User name

Why Sheapey? It's a long story ...

This person has been particularly active:

History of bookings

This person has booked 21 public course places, 11 tailored courses, written 85 posts on our websites and taken 10 skills assessment tests!


You can show course bookings by date, person, course or venue:

Showing course bookings

Click on one of the buttons to choose how to group the data.

You can click on any course to see its details:

Course details

This person booked one delegate on Sam's Introduction to SQL course, but there were 3 other people from different companies on the same course whose names you aren't allowed to see for reasons of confidentiality.

We'd encourage you to sign on and have a play around with this facility - and as always, we'd love to know what you think (and whether you have any suggestions for improvements).

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