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Added by William on 23 Jul 2021 at 02:48

Hello, I've been watching your youtube videos and from them I managed to create a scraping to remove some information from the site, using the XML HTTP Request method.

But I came across a problem that I couldn't overcome, I access the link of a specific race, for example:

So I just want to collect the last race hyperlink for each runner on the card, which in this case is 8.
The code has the following configuration:

</thead>    <tbody class="RC-runnerForm__body" data-test-selector="RC-runnerFormBody">
                    <tr class="ui-table__row RC-runnerForm__row js-form-row" data-test-selector="RC-runnerFormRow">
    <td class="ui-table__cell RC-cell RC-runnerForm__bodyCell RC-runnerForm__linkCell">
        <a class="ui-link ui-link_table js-popupLink RC-runnerForm__link js-form-hoverLink" href="/results/15/doncaster/2021-07-02/786225" title="Visit Fillies' Handicap" target="_blank" data-test-selector="RC-runnerFormLink__results">
            02Jul21        </a>
        <a class="ui-link ui-link_table js-popupLink RC-runnerForm__condLink_xn RC-runnerForm__link js-form-hoverLink hidden-sm-up truncate" href="/results/15/doncaster/2021-07-02/786225" title="left-handed, galloping track" target="_blank" data-test-selector="RC-runnerFormLink__results">
            Don 5 GF 4HcF 4K        </a>


I couldn't create a path to get to the tag<a and get access to the "href".
Could you clarify for me which variable I declare as MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection and which I declare just as MSHTML.IHTMLElement, and how I Set to walk to the tag<a ?


If you can help me I appreciate it.