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Added by Avdou on 27 Dec 2020 at 13:43

Hi Andrew ... your excel userforms videos are amazing, I have actually learned alot from you.

I just have a small question to you, I need to make a small tool that depends on entering more that 200 records ... is it effecient to let the user to enter the 200 records manually in a userform like the Film Detais Userform or is there any other mechanism.

Another thing if I will do some calculations and generating some reports as per the User Inputs ... shall I need to use userforms or just use the Excel Vba along with ActiveX Controls?

Thank you so much

Added by Avdou on 24 Aug 2021 at 17:24

Hi Andrew,

1. I have alot of controls in the user form which makes it very large and messy, can I split them into related multi page control? or multi user forms?

2. Can a mulitpage control shows or hide another multipage control? is this a recommended approach?

3. If the user is required to enter almost 22 data entry for just one record? shall I split them into related multi page control? or not to use a user form at all and use direct excel sheet in VBA?

Added by Avdou on 27 Aug 2021 at 19:12

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for this amazing Userform Tutorials, I just need to ask you, from your experience, what is the recommended number of Controls shall be used in a Single Userform?