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Family table for Power BI Desktop course

This page gives data to be imported as part of the Wise Owl Power BI Desktop course, as well as useful links.

Table of families

Here are the families that you probably want to import!

FamilyId FamilyName
1 Reptile
2 Fish
3 Bird
4 Amphibian
5 Mammal
6 Insect

Useful links

If you want to see (and perhaps even use) the original sources for our Power BI Desktop exercises, here's a list:

Website Page
They shoot pictures, don't they? Top 1,000 films
Hargreaves Lansdown FTSE data
Rotten Tomatoes Top films
Skyscraper Centre List of skyscrapers
Wikipedia Tallest buildings
UK government Crime data
Grid Reference finder Converting grid references
Electoral Commission Brexit voting data
BARB BBC viewing figures
Whale/porpoise sightings Whale and Dolphin Trust

Good examples of Power BI use

The following sites are worth a look, to show what Power BI Desktop can do:

Website Notes
Devon Road Traffic Accident data Created by Marie Woltman
Power BI Report Gallery A gallery of reports (there may be some overlap between this and the previous link).

 Other links

Some other useful links:

Website Notes
Custom Visuals Download custom visuals from the Office Store
Embedded report An example of an embedded report
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