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Software ==> SSRS Reporting Services  (96 exercises)
Version ==> SSRS 2012 and later
Topic ==> Improving report navigation  (2 exercises)
Level ==> Average difficulty
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Create a table listing characters played by director and film:

Multiple grouping level report

You may be able to use a report that you've created for the previous exercise.


Attach a bookmark to each director's name by changing the Bookmark property in the Other section of the relevant textbox's properties.

Create a separate dataset listing the 5 oldest directors in the database.

Use SELECT TOP 5 ... combined with an ORDER BY clause.

Create a table based on this dataset to show the names of these directors:

The 5 oldest directors

The 5 oldest directors (we've also formatted their names so they look like hyperlinks).


Now attach actions to each director's name so that when you click on it, SSRS jumps you to the appropriate bookmark.

Finally, add a row to the footer for each director group member, so that you can click to return to the top of the report:

Return to top link

Note that you'll also need to set the bookmark property for the top table of quick links, so you have something to go back to.


Test that your bookmarks work!

One final thought: what would have happened if some of the directors in the top 5 list hadn't made any films?  How would you have got round this?

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