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Software ==> Power BI  (111 exercises)
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Topic ==> Quick measures  (3 exercises)
Level ==> Harder than average
Subject ==> Power BI training
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Use the above file to create a table holding the total RuntTimeMinutes for each Certificate:

Totals with no filters quick measures

The total at the bottom is the grand total for all Certificates without any filtering. Future comparisons need to be made against that value.


As soon as a slicer or filter is added that total will be modified. To prevent that from happening create a quick measure:

Power BI Quick Measures

This measure will come in handy when comparing sales to total sales.

Now create a second measure dividing the RunTimeMinutes by the new total measure that was created. Add both to the table visual:

Measures unfiltered totals

Make sure the column names are explicit - you don't want report consumers to make false assumptions!

Repeat this process for Total for category (filters applied) and then apply a filter excluding certificate U:

Quick measures

Together quick measures and filters allow a huge range of calculations.

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