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Topic ==> Drill-through and bookmarks  (3 exercises)
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Before you can do this exercise, you'll need to download and unzip this file (if you have any problems doing this, click here for help).

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Try to make a report which has a page for each kind of creature. When you click the image of that creature you will see all the animals of the same type:

Gotta catch them all
Blue for water, green for
grass and orange for fire.
Each page has a table filtered
 to the creatures type.

Bookmarks can be attached to images, shapes and buttons. They can't be attached to text boxes!

To get you started look in the above folder to find the three images used. Note the names of the images. Create a page with a table for each:

Fire filter

Use a page or visual filter to make each page about only one type. This page is for the fire lizard.


When the pages are all created, hide them so that the only way user can reach the page is by clicking the relevant image on the first page.

Bookmarks hidden page

Don't try and hide all the pages. One must remain visible - otherwise how will they get to the hidden pages!

To create the bookmarks make sure you have the bookmark feature turned on in the View tab:

View bookmarks

If you plan on doing more bookmark exercises, turn on Selection Pane as well.


Now choose the first page to create as a bookmark, and choose Add in the Bookmark Pane:

First bookmark

Leave all the other options ticked for the time being. Name the bookmark after the page.


To apply the bookmark, return to the page with the images. Click on one of the images (in this case the turtle) and assign an action to it:

Bookmark action

Choose the Type as Bookmark and then select the bookmark you just created.


Clicking on the turtle should now take you through to the water page we created earlier:

Bookmarks linking pokemon

Now repeat this for each of the other images and bookmarks!


If you have time try adding a back arrow which returns you to the first page of the report. Use the type Back instead of Bookmark when creating the Link

Back Bookmark Link

Alternatively you could create a bookmark for the image page and link it to the back arrow.

Optionally save this report as Does this count as a zoo, then close it down.

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only.
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