Power BI | Basic reports exercise | Import two Game of Thrones tables and link them for a report

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Software ==> Power BI  (88 exercises)
Version ==> Latest update
Topic ==> Basic reports  (10 exercises)
Level ==> Relatively easy
Courses ==> Introduction to Power BI  /  Fast track Power BI/DAX
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Create a new Power BI report, and load into it data from both worksheets in the workbook in the folder above:

The two tables

You should see this in Model View.

Hide and rename columns to get a simpler data model:

Simple data model

Hide some columns, and rename the U.S. viewers (millions) column to get a tidier data model, as shown here.


Create a table to show average viewers by season:

Initial table view

Initially your table should show these columns in the field well.


Delete the extra date hierarchy fields added by Power BI to show the average viewers by season/year:

Average viewers by year

A table showing the average number of viewers of Games of Thrones episodes by season and year when first aired.


Format your table so that it looks prettier (it absolutely doesn't have to look like the example below!):

The formatted table

These are suggestions only! Someone has made changes to parts of the Title, Total and Column headers format sections for the table.

Save this report as GOT it.pbix, then close it down.

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