Power BI | Advanced data sources exercise | Unpivot data for use within a data model

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Software ==> Power BI  (111 exercises)
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Topic ==> Advanced data sources  (4 exercises)
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One of your colleagues has created an excellent pivot table within Excel. While it may look excellent there, however, it causes problems within the data model:

Power BI Unpivot Query editor

The first half of the year certainly seems to be having a promising start. Wonder if the second half is as good?

Bring this data into Query Editor and unpivot it so that it can be presented within report view. Create a line chart based on these results:

Messy unsorted line chart

Yikes! We can't tell anything from this due to the weird month order.

Import the month numbers table from the Excel file in the above folder. Join this to your pivot table via the month names (using the month number to sort the  month names):

Sorting months by number

A handy feature which makes our months appear in a more logical order.

Recreate the line chart using the sorted month column from the other table, admire your sorted months:

Power BI Unpivot

Ouch. Guess the summer holidays didn't help with focussing the mind!


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