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Create a new canvas app (it doesn't matter whether it's portrait or landscape), and save it as Follow the Money.

The billionaires

The table of data we'll work with.

Add a data source to your app, linked to the Billionaires table in the Excel workbook shown at the top of this page.

Create a drop down control allowing you to choose the nationality of person you're looking for:

Dropdown control

You should set the default value of your dropdown control to blank (you'll need to set the AllowEmptySelection property of the control to false to allow this).


Combine the Sort and Distinct functions to pick out the unique nationalities and display them in alphabetical order.

Add a second dropdown which shows the industry types for the country chosen in the first dropdown, sorted alphabetically:

Sorted industries

For this you'll need to use the Sort, Distinct and Filter functions.


Finally, add a dropdown allowing you to choose the man you want to look after in his old age:

Choosing a person

It's got to be Bill!


Add a message showing the wealth of the person you've chosen for your date (although obviously you're not doing this for the money):

Showing wealth

Show the name and wealth of the person chosen.


When you're happy your app is working correctly, save it and close it.

You can unzip this file to see the answers to this exercise, although please remember this is for your personal use only.
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