Collections and Loops
Exercise 6.03

Exercise 6.03

The aim of this exercise is to loop over a range of cells in a collection of worksheets and build a list of films based on criteria selected by the user.

Files Needed

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  1. Extract and open the Movies By Year.xlsm workbook.  Look at the Movies worksheet:

On the Movies sheet, the user can select a film genre and click Get Films

  1. Look at some of the other worksheets:
Film lists

Each of the other sheets contains a list of films made in a particular year.

  1. Open the VBE and find the Get_Films subroutine in Module1.
  2. Add code to the Get_Films subroutine to achieve the following:
  • Loop over the collection of worksheets using a For Each loop.
  • Check that the worksheet being processed is not the Movies worksheet.
  • In each worksheet, loop over the range of cells starting at A2 and ending at the last populated cell in column A.
  • For each cell, check if the value of the Genre column matches the value selected in cell B2 on the Movies worksheet.
  • Copy the row of data into the list on the Movies worksheet.
  1. Test that the procedure works by selecting a genre and clicking the Get Films button:

The list will be populated with films from the genre you have selected.

  1. Save and close the workbook.

Answer Files

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