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The March 2022 Power BI Desktop Update
There are no significant new features announced in March's Power BI Desktop update, although error bars for line charts are now in preview.

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Posted by Andy Brown on 30 March 2022

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The March 2022 Power BI Desktop Update

There are no real updates this month - just 3 announcements:

Announcement Details
Format pane release date Microsoft have announced that the formatting pane will go to general release in the May 2022 update.  Since it's been turned on by default since last month's update, this isn't that exciting.
Selecting rows in a multi-card visual In last month's update I blogged about this small change, and ended with a puzzled note that it didn't actually seem to work!  I'm pleased to see that it wasn't just me - I quote: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, this feature did not ship with the last release, but it is now available with the March release. "
Error bars in line charts This feature is now announced, although it's currently in preview.  I will blog about it properly when it's released.

Here's what's currently in preview:

Current preview features

The features are listed in the order in which they were added (so Error bars appear right at the bottom, being the most recent addition to the list of preview features).

Just out of interest, I thought I'd look back and see what features were in preview in my same blog three years ago (in March 2019):

March 2019 preview features

The first two features on the current preview list have thus been in preview for at least 3 years (and the Azure map visual is in danger of reaching this milestone soon).

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