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Controlling the number of rows per page in Reporting Services
Part one of a four-part series of blogs

Unfortunately, Reporting Services doesn't have a simple setting that allows you to control the number of rows you see on each page. However, you can control this using a clever combination of an expression with a grouping level. Read this blog to find out how!

  1. Controlling the Number of Rows in Reporting Services (this blog)
  2. Using Groups to Choose the Number of Rows per Page
  3. How the Ceiling and RowNumber Functions Work
  4. Using Parameters to Control the Number of Rows

Posted by Andrew Gould on 11 May 2012

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Controlling the Number of Rows in Reporting Services

In Reporting Services when you add a table to a report you have no direct control over the number of records that appear on each page.

Rows per page

In this table of films we get 48 rows on the first page of the report.

Changing the Page Size of a Report

The number of records you see on each page is determined by the size of the page the report uses.  You can change the page size of a report by choosing Report > Report Properties... from the menu.

Choosing page size.

On the Page Setup tab of the dialog box you can change the Paper size: option to alter the number of records per page.



Although changing the page size of the report affects the number of records you see, if you really want to control the number of rows per page you need to use a more sophisticated approach.  The next part of this blog series explains how you can use grouping and expressions to set a precise number of records per page.

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