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A summary of the Power BI Updates going back to November 2016
This blog differs from the Microsoft update summary in two ways: it omits preview and obscure changes, but goes into more detail (and gives practical examples) on mainstream updates.

Posted by Andy Brown on 19 December 2016

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Power BI Desktop Updates

This page is updated every month, showing a history of updates to Power BI Desktop. 

Updates are usually released around the middle of each month (although this has varied).  You can see the latest Microsoft updates here, or attend our two-day Power BI training course, which always uses the latest version of the software, or our two-day advanced Power BI course or two-day course on writing DAX formulae.

In reverse chronological order:

Update Number Highlights
July 2020 2.83.5894.661 DAX financial functions from Excel, a gradient legend, editable slicer headers, relative time filters and yet more minor Q&A updates.
June 2020 2.82.5858.961  The hierarchical slicer, a much-improved mobile report designer and automatic refresh if you're using Direct Query.
May 2020 2.81.5831.821 You can add drop shadows to visuals, fill buttons with images, use the decomposition tree visual and make your clickable buttons more flexible.
April 2020 2.80.5803.282  You can drag a rectangle to select visuals, it's easier to see when a format can be set dynamically, and there's a custom theme editor, new visual icons and a number of other changes.
March 2020 2.79.5768.562  A bumper update, including the new ribbon (sort of), new button actions, secondary line chart axes and multi-column sorting.
February 2020 2.78.5740.642  The only significant new feature in this update is the ability to refresh data incrementally.
January 2020 As for the previous January, there wasn't an update to Power BI desktop this month.
December 2019 2.76.5678.782 You can now customise your visuals pane, display row/column headers as URLs and format KPIs better.
November 2019 2.75.5649.341 The only real change this month is conditional formatting for buttons, although there's a new ribbon waiting in preview.
October 2019 2.74.5619.621 Major updates to the Q&A feature, a native PowerApps visual, improvements to data profiling and a new data connection template.
September 2019 2.73.5586.802 Custom number formats, new (and easier) themes and more conditional formatting options.
August 2019 2.71.5523.641 You can group visuals together, use the Key Influencers visual and choose from sets of conditional icons.
July 2019 2.71.5523.641 The new filter pane sees the light of day! Also conditional formatting icons and percentage rules, and including aggregated data in a model.
June 2019 2.70.5494.561 A new look-and-feel, more dynamic formatting options, filtering slicers, visual header tooltips.
May 2019 2.69.5467.1751 Peformance Analyzer, faster report execution, line chart label postiion, KPI title text size, ArcGIS geolocation errors
April 2019 2.68.5432.361  Dynamic titles and URLs, M intellisense, data profiling in Query Editor, cross-report drill-through, fuzzy merging, dataflows and various other small changes.
March 2019 2.65.5313.501 The new model view, tooltip formatting, single-select slicers, exposed date hierarchies, heat maps, selection pane improvements, new DAX functions and other small changes
February 2019 2.66.5376.1681 Word wrapped titles, rounded corners for visuals, changes to visual interaction, time-based subscriptions to reports and various other Power BI Service updates.
January 2019 There wasn't an official update in this month (there were some changes announced to Power BI Service, which are included in the February update above).
December 2018 2.65.5313.621 Smart guides to align visuals, a bigger and zoomable DAX editing window, minor cosmetic and keyboard changes.
November 2018 2.64.5285.461 Collapsible matrix row headers, conditional formatting for charts, copying and pasting visuals between reports, repeat questions on Q&A, composite models (including many-to-many relationships), two big new features in preview.
October 2018 2.63.3272.40262   DAX editor improvements, searching in filters, explain increase feature, controlling data export, web by example connector.
September 2018 2.62.5222.582 Report page tooltips, copying data from a report, keyboard short-cuts, built-in themes, text padding by example, dot chart categories.
August 2018 2.61.5192.321 Export to PDF, report themes, Q&A, conditionally formatting by value, bookmark groiups, slicer restatement, measure categories.
July 2018 2.60.5169.3201 Visual headers, report wallpaper, turning visal tooltips on/off, stepped line charts, certified visuals.
June 2018 2.59.5135.101 Sorting and filtering of data without going into Query Editor, small chart improvements.
May 2018 2.58.5103.281 Conditionally formatting by different fields, drill-through including filters, minor chart improvements, sync slicer grouping.
April 2018 2.57.5068.501 Action buttons, numeric slicers, combination chart line styles and organisational visuals.
March 2018 2.56.5023.861 Bookmarks!  Also suppressing visual headers, and formatting numbers and dates.
February 2018 2.55.5010.521 Searching for formatting properties, quick measures, synchronised slicers, selecting multiple data points in charts.
January 2018 2.54.4970.761 Hiding pages, colouring data labels, setting a relative date slicer anchor date, showing axis labels properly, changing bar/column padding.
December 2017 2.53.4954.481 Field descriptions, responsive slicers, drill-down filtering visuals and numbers in scatter charts.
November 2017 2.52.4921.202 More column-by-example tools, rules-based conditional formatting, field alignment and the ability to lock visuals' size and position.
October 2017 2.51.4885.543 A selection pane (allowing you to toggle the visibility of parts of a report, and the ability to spotlight a visualisation.
September 2017 2.50.4859.502 A drill-through feature to show the details for one dimension value, ribbon charts, report insights and a new way to show keyboard short-cuts.
August 2017 2.49.4831.222 New formatting options for matrix subtotals, matrix values and line charts, conditional font formatting, a connection to Power BI Service, new scatter chart analytics and a new what-if parameter facility.
July 2017 2.48.4792.321 The release of the new table and matrix visuals, plus field renaming, easier access to custom visuals, relative date filters, responsive visuals and a waterfall chart breakdown feature.
June 2017 2.47.4766.542  Data bars (preview mode), line markers, accessibility options, map themes, font family options, combination chart changes
May 2017 2.46.4732.461 URLs in tables, new preview table visualisation, extracting text between delimiters, binning improvements, data labels in combination charts, new combining files option
April 2017 2.45.4704.442 Changing axis titles, splitting columns into rows, a basic group by transform feature, a go-to-column facility
March 2017 2.44.4675.422 A new matrix tool (but only in preview so far), colour text in text boxes and percentage of total labels for pie and donut charts
February 2017 2.43.4647.541 Word wrap for matrix row headers, changing axis title font sizes, minimum chart category widths, thicker line charts, more quick calc options
January 2017 2.42.4611.482 Word wrap for column headers, conditional formatting for blanks, earliest and latest dates, phone optimisation layout
December 2016 There wasn't one!  The Microsoft Power BI Desktop fairy took a month off.
November 2016 2.41.4581.301 Dropdown lists for slicers, conditional formatting for matrices, column formatting for tables

Click on any update to see a blog giving details of its contents.  If you're not sure which version of Power BI Desktop you're using, go to Help --> About:

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You can then see (among other things) which version you're using:

The version number

Here I've installed up to and including the November 2016 update.

Power BI Desktop should offer you updates automatically, however, as they become available.

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