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Added by DBlakeMAAT on 18 Aug 2019 at 14:33

Hi Andrew

Love the way you teach and the videos, they are always my go to point and have allowed me to do some great things!

My question is on using User Defined Type Declarations with class modules (specifically property statements), I have a large number of private fields in my class module (SupplierASearchString, SupplierAWorksheet, SupplierBSearchString, SupplierBWorkSheet etc etc). I am thinking of trying to simplify this by using User Defined Types (UDT), thus allowing me to have a single Private Field per supplier declared using my UDT.

It would appear that you can not declare property statements for the individual elements of a UDT.  Not all of my elements are set at the same moment in the procedures that i am running, would this mean that UDT are probably not the best approach or am i missing something fundimental with regards to UDTs? 


Many thanks 


Dave Blake MAAT

Added by DBlakeMAAT on 24 Sep 2019 at 16:47

Thanks for the mention. It is also important to note that whilst you have stated the 4th argument (match_mode) is required (exact match, approx match and others too), exact match is now the default argument (finally), this differs from VLOOKUP where the default is approximate match. Therefore if the argument is omitted you will get an exact match. 


Dave Blake MAAT

Added by DBlakeMAAT on 13 Oct 2020 at 13:32

i would have voted for Python too, unfortunatly i appear to have missed the poll!

I have a specific project coming up where i need to retreive a JSON from an online service and extract specific information and then output to a user friendly GUI using Tkinter.  This is a project that was the reason that i started to look at Python earlier this year, but then COVID hit and the project was put on hold, but hoping to restart at some point.

Other possibilities for using Python is anything data sciences driven, such as neural networks using the TensorFlow and Keras libraries.

If you really wanted to you could see if you can re-create Flappy Owl using the Tutle Graphics library! ;)

Added by DBlakeMAAT on 20 Nov 2021 at 15:04

Do you guys know if there is anyway of hiding from client tools programtically with VBA?  Whilst using the data model is not new to me as an early adopter of PQ & PP,  I am working on my 1st project in which i am generating all of the queries, relationships and measures programatically with VBA which is working amazingly, however not being able to hide from client tools has become a sticking point!



PS: have you looked at the Lamda function yet, it may make a good video, especially when you get into recursive Lamda!