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Added by bhilarev on 26 Oct 2017 at 10:23

Select EventName,EventDetails,CountryID
From EventInfo
Where CountryId NOT IN
Select Top 30 CountryID
From Country
Order By CountryName Desc
And CategoryID NOT IN
Select Top 15 CategoryID
From Category
Order By CategoryName Desc

Added by eric on 05 Nov 2017 at 07:51

1st query should not return 4 rows but 1

select * from tblEvent
where EventDetails like '% train %' and CategoryID != 14

i guess your query is:

EventDetails like '%train%'          

which is incorrect as it will return words such as training...etc

Added by grao on 07 Nov 2017 at 01:34

I am not getting any results. Is this the right code?

use doctorwho

Select companionname
from tblCompanion as c
left outer join tblEpisodeCompanion as e
on c.CompanionId=e.EpisodeCompanionId
where e.EpisodeCompanionId =null

Added by linjom on 23 Apr 2018 at 07:33

I am getting different result.. 

NULL    459
18th Century    4
19th Century    14
20th Century    396
21st Century    45

for both rollup and cube.. is this right? Final total same as site.