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Added by Jonathanvk on 13 Dec 2017 at 08:25

Hi, I have one question. Partly by using your super useful vide's I started trying extracting data from websites to excel. There is one thing though that just keeps failing. Here is an example of the code written. The line:

Debug.print Classnames.length

keeps returning 0, whatever searchtype I use, classname, tagname, id. Could you find any incorrect use of code in here?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Const HappyEmpURL As String = "https://happyemployees.nle.nl/"

Sub GetDataFromWebsite()

Dim HTMLDoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument
Dim Article1 As MSHTML.IHTMLElement
Dim Classnames As MSHTML.IHTMLElementCollection

XMLReq.Open "GET", HappyEmpURL, False

If XMLReq.Status <> 200 Then
    MsgBox "Problem" & vbNewLine & XMLReq.Status & "-" & XMLReq.statusText
    Exit Sub
End If

HTMLDoc.Body.innerHTML = XMLReq.responseText
Set Classnames = HTMLDoc.getElementsByClassName("mx-layoutcontainer-center mx-scrollcontainer-center ")
Debug.Print Classnames.Length
For Each Article1 In Classnames
Article1.getElementsByid ("159b6aef-dbc3-5b23-a735-cf99f8341771-1")
Debug.Print Article1.getAttribute("href"), Article1.innerText, Article1.className
Next Article1

End Sub