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Added by ShukiMolk on 10 Apr 2020 at 02:12

Why do we need to use the CASE function?
What's wrong with this:

SELECT EventName, EventDate, ( (DATENAME(Weekday, EventDate)) + ' ' + (DATENAME(day, EventDate)) + 'th ' + (DATENAME(month, EventDate)) + ' ' + (DATENAME(year, EventDate)) ) AS 'Full Date'
FROM [tblEvent]
ORDER BY EventDate

Added by waltz on 09 May 2021 at 10:55

select   EventName as [Event Name]
        ,concat(datename(weekday,EventDate),' ' 
        ,case when datepart(day,EventDate) in (1,21,31) 
        then convert(varchar,datepart(day,EventDate))+'st'
        when datepart(day,EventDate) in (2,22) 
        then convert(varchar,datepart(day,EventDate))+'nd'
        when datepart(day,EventDate) in (3,23) 
        then convert(varchar,datepart(day,EventDate))+'rd'
        else convert(varchar,datepart(day,EventDate)) +'th'
        end ,' ' 
        ,datename(month, EventDate) ,' ' 
        ,year(EventDate)) as [Full Date]
from [dbo].[tblEvent]

Added by waltz on 09 May 2021 at 11:23

SELECT  cm.[CompanionId],[CompanionName]
FROM [dbo].[tblCompanion] AS cm left outer JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisodeCompanion] AS Ec
ON cm.CompanionId = Ec.CompanionId
(SELECT  cm.[CompanionId],[CompanionName]
FROM [dbo].[tblCompanion] AS cm inner JOIN [dbo].[tblEpisodeCompanion] AS Ec 
ON cm.CompanionId = Ec.CompanionId);