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Added by SIH007 on 24 Apr 2021 at 16:06

How do I get data from a closed Excel file using VBA?

Hi Andrew,

I really love your videos they always have so much information in it!

I just finished watching a. m. video. My problem is the following: I have to grab data from a closed Excel-file, but the data table I need unfortunately is not positioned in row 1 - there has to remain some descriptive stuff above the very table, so I could of course grab the entire table and delete all rows which don*t belong to the datatable. 

But actually I would only need a very small portion of the data, here I would only need column 3 and 4 of the datatable and only values which are bigger than a number on another sheet. I work a lot with SQL statements so it would not be a problem at all to create the statement I need, but I can't address the column names, because they are not in the first row (I would not even need the headers)

Is there a possibility to address the data using a named range instead? Or do you have another idea how to solve that problem?

Best regards,